New map ideas from our current maps not being used 😲

just looking around i seen this airfield with mountain range that would be cool to play on…back in the distance…


Is this on mobile?
But an airfield would be a nice map as long as it’s not a baby size map

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on PC…

Really, the graphics in those screenshots reminded me of the crossout mobile version to the point I didn’t realize it was the dessert valley map.
Maybe I got my graphic settings higher then you do?


you do,i’m on an old area 51,i3 potato,i turned my grfx down to get the frame rate up to 80 fps,i’m just waiting till inflation goes down in the usa to buy a better pc,i could of got a i7 gaming pc for $650 private sale,i should of takin it lol…

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I would like them to sell me an expansion for my Farm, instead of one of those deluxe garages in those riders of the apocalypse packs. I like the Farm, and would like more farm related decor. I’d like some corn and a still for brewing my own fuel. I think it’d be nice if I could fill one of those tanks with something more useful than nothing…but still better than stabilizers.

On topic: I think they toss way too many maps. As hard as they make it out to be to introduce new ones, I don’t understand how after an event they just toss the map. Playing on stupid maps hasn’t stopped us before. Sector Ex is still being used.

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What gen chip? err is your i-3

I would like that too or even if they added more in the background like they did before

They sure do and it’s just a waste of time and money for them to make maps for an event and then never use them or only use them for the event if it’s reoccurring!

  1. the planned rail bridge map that was the sister to the bridge map but never got introduced even though they’d released the panorama of it
  2. Refinery was a map that was around for half a year I think
  3. Two turrets in the original chase map
  4. Abandoned town, event map for the easter event
  5. Brawl maps for special events period including the Mr.twister event map etc