NEW MAP...look familiar...?

it should…sorry bout the names but this is for science…


Yeah the first thing I noticed was they just reused the storm drain section, maps are really lazy…

We need maps like Rock City, Factory… unique maps, look what they did to Control 17, it was such a good map and they flattened it and just added a load of copy paste cover… no elevation, nothing unique anymore

Well the devs did say this map is in the same family of factory, powerplant, chemical plant to justify using assets from those maps aka being lazy

being an old map maker and editor,i always made sure to make every map very different and original…
and i admit… thats mostly using the same maps…but this just really lazy…
games i made maps for,Operation Flashpoint,old battlefield,Tribes mods ect…
i loved this game…anyone ever played this?..

so did i. it was incredible for the time, playing it as a kid with 15fps lying half an hour in the bushes in that night commando mission.
you should check out hell let loose or squad, pretty much the fruit of flashpoint regarding pvp because arma pvp sucks.

I like the new…version of the old map.

I’m going to pretend not to notice.

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To me Power plant is the better version of the two maps.

It makes choke points and forces people to chose a path to go. This new map has to many ways out of stuff.

It might look the same from a birds eye view, but they are very different maps. The new map is basic, but it’s a really nice map. I like it a lot.