New Mini pass Rewards are odd

what is up with the rewards of 3 grenade launchers totaling 18 energy?

I mean… you can’t use three even if they introduced a relic 5 energy genny.

Why would you get these items fused then make more of them fused?

Am I missing something (I have been fishing quite a bit in the sun)?

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Just to be used int he crafting process, of course. You need 4 but leaving you with 3 means you’re likely to spend money etc… the usual fomo bs and cancer marketing.


I will buy the decor item off the AH (sold it from the original bp long ago).

I’m sure someone will find value in the minipass.

Yeah I bought the new hologram, I want nothing else… they’re making these battlepasses easier to NOT buy every time. Last one I bought all the paints cheap and was done with it… kinda sad as I used to be excited for passes, not anymore.


When I saw it I’ve checked its price. It was about 34000 to sell and 240 to buy.

How much did you spend on it? :rofl:

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175, on Xbox too. Which is equivalent to selling 2x100 Plastic to put that into perspective

Gotta dive in cheap and early so the whales sell it off without thinking

Sweet. Maybe I’ll buy it, too.

I would get excited over holograms but they are limited to 2 per build. I use flares for gun obscurement.

Edit: also I noticed you can remove the fuse if you want.

How it looks


hmm. that would be pretty good combined with the construction one.

Two of those in front of all horseshoe builds incoming

Mini-BPs have always been weird.
I haven’t been tempted to buy any of them.
But we still get some free stuff, and I can see how they might be appealing to people that missed previous BPs.

Yeah because they’ll pick that over 2 armour pieces…

Everyone knows the killshot on a V build from the front is down the center so I don’t think covering it will do much good

Obviously it is where it is. But while strafing or changing directions, i guarantee itll cause a few shots to be off target. If you are aiming at the bottom gun and you cant see if it came off because of not seeing muzzle flash anywhere, youll keep shooting there to confirm the kill.

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Maybe this is destined to become the new Wakidate, Inflatable Mammoth, Snowtire or Keen radar and be worth thousands as unintended armor before it gets nerfed by the developers.

I’m probably going to sit out this BP and I haven’t missed one of these small passes yet. There isn’t a fusion in it that I want. The -Mass +Mass Griffon is cool, but most builds I am interested are best with a +Power Griffon. This includes Omni wheel Golden Eagle builds, all Griffon hovers and Small track Golden Eagle Porc variants. The fuse could be cool for extra bulk on a Harvester build, but that doesn’t seem to be important as Harvester builds are limited by the durability of the Harvester and not the durability of the build. If I already have an Omamori, its time to pass, pass Pasadena. If they ever offered a +Power Hadron or a -Mass +Mass Nova, I would be all about that even if it cost $20 plus coins and hard to source parts.

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Same here. Nothing I want or don’t already have.

Thanks for the information.