New module absolute garbage confirmed!

3 shots from a scorpion in the parts the module is protecting, and the module instantly breaks…

tell me how is this deserves the titlle of “legendary” while the regular averter, which is epic, gives 30% ALWAYS, without the possibility of ever losing the “buff”

what are your thoughts on it, i already told what mine are…


Yeah. That doesn’t seem great at all…tbh though I’m glad it sucks.


but why? it is way worse than the averter, not even a “sidegrade” it is literally useless in ANY situation…

At 30% which the averter gives some parts do not even get 360 pts , this would be better for those particular parts. So basically anything under roughly 1000 durability (300pts).

What happens if I plug this thing into the Master cab, I wonder?

Not that it makes any difference. At those power-scores confrontations in PVP are often over before anything has time to recharge, or even reload.


exactly, most weapons, even slow reloading, reload faster than the module’s cooldown, not allowing it to recharge at all.

Do you think this module would work better if the power-score was cut in half? IDK.

I get the impression that this is an attempt to put a genie back in the bottle: a plethora of ridiculously OP weapons up against the fact that they can’t increase the durability of structure parts further without making Chords and other entry level guns completely impotent. So, they make a module for the big guys with big guns? It’s whack a mole inflation control of the out of control game economy, is what I think.

I’m not sure what a better solution is at this point.

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weapons are too fragille nowdays, and just destroying the guns awards a win, rendering vehicles with armor useless, as the only thing that matters is “speed” to dodge enemy projectiles or generally move around;

i think a good way to make the module actually usefull would be to give it atleast 1000 base durability (not fuel) and make it heavier;

or just make it cost 0 energy, as of currently it is nowhere near worth any energy at all

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Yeah I’d rather this had a huge hp pool and bigger ps because of it, rather than being wet paper. So many power nodes here and there like they want you to attach multiple important parts to it, yet so little hp that you really can’t attach many important parts to it

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Think fast peek shot builds. A module like this thing is a recipe for a balance disaster.

You are missing the point here. The Averter gives 30% on an Mg is like 60 points of damage absorption. It will help smaller weapons greatly and it only adds 400 PS!! Its also resets the damage absorbed so it potentially can be much higher.

Also you cannot base that everything will be hit by scorpion either as thats not a good baseline. Pick average weapon damage as you wont find scorpions at 5000 PS (you can but probably wont) but this is possible in a decent build. Not evrything in the game should be for CW or end game builds.

-low powerscore


those two things don’t go very well, if it is the case, i’d rather see the omamori have averter’s perk, and averter having omamori’s…

also consideer the fact that most low rarity weapons have much faster fire rate, which in turn, would not allow this kind of module to recharge at all, due to how long it takes to recharge…

this module will only be usefull to parts which have less than 400 durability, and considering that most low durability weapons require atleast 3 or 4, it may mean that you can’t effectively use it due to it’s size, as only one or two weapons will use the “buff”.

weapons in low powerscores deal lower damage, but at much faster pace, which mean that the module will still be unable to recharge at all, and most “low durability” weapons will be shot off way before the module needs to recharge, and considering small weapons, you can just go straight for the module!!!

my point still stands, why use this module, while averter, an epic module, uses less powerscore, lasts forever, is smaller, costs less, and can be used in various builds, while omamori will probrally only be used in a singular vehicle.

what? averter is almost the same module (but without the dowsides) and it is mostly used by heavy builds.

Ok - what about this?
2 scorpions, on averter and Oamori on Nova cabin.

Weapon cannot be one shot. Nova takes first shot then takes 6 seconds to reload. Second shot hits gun but takes 30% less damage and Oamori soaks up some damage. Next shot back to nova cabin, then by the time this happens you have had 3 shots with scorpions to take off opposition scorpions.
Take a 5 second rest and Oamori resets so start again.
I will be playing this build with cloak and reload module, hot red and be laughing all the way, stripping like a collage girl…lol…

Never ending refresh of Nova and also the

my point still stands…

just because it works in SINGULAR BUILD it does not mean that the modules is great…

in everything else the averter is still just better in every way…

the module does not heal itself or the parts attached to it, but people are acting like it does…

people are talking about the module like they were talking about the master cabin, saying how “OP” it was, and look just how hard it flopped…

Where are they saying it’s OP?


people in the crossout subrredit, and several crossout themed discord servers.