New pack with Low Clearance Wheel

These wheels sell for 1000+ coins on Xbox.

This is ridiculous.

Please add a new pack with this wheel so people can get it at a fair price.

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Please :slight_smile:

pay for them, throw more money at the sinking ship you’ve mistakenly invested in

Invested in?

I spent maybe $300 on this game in, what is it now, 5 years?

I make more then that in a single day.

Also if they released a new pack, I would bye the wheels off the market with coins I made from the market.

I’d like some of those Low-Profile Wheels too, but the current market price is just too much, I agree.

*Not stalking Monkey


I can afford them, it’s just not worth the price though.

And the dev team loves money!! It’s a win win for us all. They release a new pack and get money, we get cheep wheels.

Done deal!

Also let’s get them on a cheep pack, like something that really does not have anything good in it besides the wheels.

Maybe like a 5.99 or 6.99 pack everyone can get if they want it.

Maybe make it so we can craft them. So the greedy ones will stop buying all the pack items.