New parts stream discussion

Let’s talk these new parts we saw briefly, and the battle pass. I for one an happy that we finally got interesting new paints in the pass, rather than just another shade of gray or brown that already exists in various hues and glosses

None of the weapons seemed bad so I don’t think there will be a Vulture in this battle pass. The Epic Explosive Reaper seems pretty good at first glance, light blue Whirl is a thing and seems solid for lower PS, Mandrake but with missiles appears as if it’ll replace Mandrakes all together, And huge Cannon seemed ok in the stream footage, though cannons as a whole aren’t doing so good so I am a bit reserved about it.

A lot of bloating parts though, like old battle pass parts and blueprints, stabilizers, tons of banner stuff, memory and storage expansions of course and the resource crates, that hopefully are not as bad as the ones we had in the drone hunting event a while ago.

Modules, test drive items, I don’t care about them at all. Cabin is extremely promising

All in all the weapons themselves seem extremely solid, so far, and I am very happy about the paints

i think this season is overally good, but i am 100% sure the new “averter” is going to flop extremelly hard, harder than the vulture.

i still can’t get over this, seriously, just look at it:

but the part i’m most exited about has to be the chase raid returning, in the test server it was really fuin, but it did not give any resourcess…

Yeah everyone knows the chances of getting Uranium from those resource crates are gonna be like 0.2% maybe 0.5% if we’re lucky might be 1% so get ready to enjoy your 10 scrap/copper everyone lol

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I would have rather had seen more structure parts then a lot of the bloat stuff. I can’t stand the workpiece concept they should just reward the blueprint if they are going to do it and add a free workbench coupon if the person already has it. Duplicate camber wheels is kind of a sad for me, I don’t even use the original ones they handed out. A few of the paints looked good but that’s never enough to merit the cost alone. I really hate crates (loot boxes) unless you can pick what you want. As there are very few relics that I like the uranium in the resource crates doesn’t even matter to me.

The weapons look interesting, well at least the Miller and Heather do, I’m not really sure about the large frontal cannon either that reload time and drop seems massive and don’t really have any need for the special whirl. The modules are iffy I could potentially see myself using the scope one maybe on something but I didn’t really take a good note of the size of it.

I’m not sure about the cabin either though it does looks pretty. I’m pretty sure I have no use for it.

The range items I was a little happy about originally but making it so you have to drive up to them to activate them makes them more then kind of pointless. They should have tied them into the range challenge test system to have them auto activate at start.

Chase unless they fixed the resources, I’m not even going to bother with. I agree it was fun but it has to be worth the time and effort too.

The CKs, I might use the harpy one but I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t just turn the cyclone one into an actual weapon. An actual Railgun/Auto Cannon crossover would have been nice as I’m not a big fan of the cyclone to start with.

The whole thing looks good to me. Once again I got things I specifically asked for; stickers I can make custom license plates with. This pass has several that looked designed just for that. I realize people DGAF about stickers too much, but RoughMonkey got his own sticker, and a portrait too, I think. I’d be jealous (it’s pretty), but there’s too much in this pass that I like and have asked for. There’s a ton of paint. They know I can’t resist cool paint.

I think the structure parts look great too, and as I’ve said repeatedly, I prefer structure parts over guns. These are both useful and good looking. Those semi-circles will come in handy for their fit and durability, I’m sure. Most of their stuff is good looking, and the new decor, like the rear-view mirrors, are sharp as usual.

Small-Track CKs, eh?

Well, I guess I go get me some small-tracks. They did a rework on the naked model that looks good too.

I like the new auto-cannon. I need that, and actually I welcome the return of the Syndicate Drifter wheels (whatever they’re called) too, because I scraped my last set.

I can’t remember who asked for the turrets Range decor, but I do remember it being requested on the forum.

I hope the co-drivers work. They look good.

I like the new map, its layout, and the billboard in the middle of it has me intrigued. I can’t wait to get a closer look. More maps is always better, IMO.

I have no use for the sharp looking light cab yet, but I’ll be glad to hang onto it until I do. I like it’s set-up with the gun-mounts behind the low-profile cab, instead of in front. I also like that it’s fast. It’s perk works for me too.

The Battle Pass looks great to me. I’m looking forward to it…and congratulations to RoughMonkey who has now become an official part of Crossout’s iconography.
She’s going to hate that :grin:

idk im kinda questioning the durability of the missile launcher… i mean 600+ is a bit but when in comparison to other things like mandrakes they lack in durability. 2 shots from a scorpion and they are gone, they arent exactly a small target. not to mention you have to have practice with them to. you cant just jump in and expect to destroy people in 1 shot.
however what makes them unique is they are more accurate. the mandrakes are not accurate at all and thats a huge shame. even with the co-drivers skill giving them an extra 5% accuracy and having them fused for accuracy they just… arent… what i find unfair is how a ai enemy can hit you all the time with at least 3 mandrake shells but i can NEVER hit someone with a single shell. seriously my shots always land around them or outside the aiming area. i remember i did a test with them and it took 15 shots to destroy my vehicle, out of them 15 shots only 1 shell landed a direct hit and every other shell landed around it knocking off pieces of armor due to the blast radius. and this is from 2 mandrakes.

for the damage absorber… eh… i dont think its that good. i think a jar of peanut butter would work better then that. i mean… id rather just use a aegis or a barrier 9.
the minigun looks interesting, may make for a good raid gun. the autocannon is ok i suppose. i dont use them much.

as fpr the light cab with the immunities… thatll be a nightmare for incinerator builds to come up against. itll be immune to projectiles and fire damage for a period of time… does this mean kapkans wont work on them either?

I’m displeased about those crafting recipes. But I’m smitten with everything else. I wonder if my mastadons will rot once I get the sturmtiger. shruggs.

I can’t wait to use the toilet gun with my porcs.

everytime it closes for a reload it makes a toilet flushing sound effect xD

Ooooh I wish I could put my fart horn on the same button as my firing button.

Yeah, but we are not just going to put them right on top of a build and call it a day. With guns that shot at an arch it should be easy to build them inside armor.

have you seen the size of those things? they are bigger then a house! … well maybe not but they are a big target and arent exactly light weight either. id love to have two of them honestly. im definitely going to keep the one from the battle pass but making a build around it is going to be difficult.

Yup, after trying out the Heather in the exhibition it’s safe to say that Mandrakes are dead. Especially when it’s a single shot rather than repeated ones so you can shoot while moving and actually hit where you were pointing instead of randomized shell drops due to driving while firing.

except the mandrake isnt accurate at all. most of my shots land outside the aiming circle and my shots always land around a target. i tried firing at my car and 15 shots landed around it, only 1 shell actually hit dead on. i find this ironic because AI bots can hit you dead on. no joke, if a mandrake bot targets me im guaranteed at least 3 of those shells hit me dead on every single time. the upgrades that they had with the codriver and fusion for the mandrake for accuracy didnt help at all either. remember the phrase “shooting fish in a barrel”? well you cant hit the barrel with a mandrake.