New pattern ideas

In the awakened map, players are allowed to build their own base, and then players research items in the base, find resources in the map or fight with other players, players can form alliances with each other, will develop their own forces, and after having a certain strength, they can attack other players’ bases, all this is only available in the map and cannot be taken out


Sounds like:

I really want the range building mechanics to be better integrated into the game


we been trying to get Adventure Mode off the ground for years.


Thats the dream man. Anything in crossout that has some semblance of a sandbox mmo with base building. I would also like the map to have resource mines. Players would compete for control of these mines and when you have one under your control you earn x amount of base building resources a seccond. A great way to force group fights on the map.


This would be an awsome clanwars mode too.

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That’s what clan wars should be: one player running the base (using our range building stuff and vehicle weapons), one running a leviathan (possibly hidden within the base), and two normal vehicles.
Maybe build around a cap point?

What I want is to keep this server there for a longer period of time, and then let the player join the room they want to enter, and then the player’s base will remain in this room for a long time, and if no one destroys them, clan battles can also be done, have several clans in one room, and finally, reward according to achievements, but this will not last for a short time, maybe a week or more

Here’s what I’d like to see:

Start in the Garage to tinker.

Exit Garage to the Yard through instancing instead of driving out to it.

The Yard is buildable like it currently is thanks to the Amusement Park Season. Players can invite up to 4 people to their Yard to chill and hang out. This yard also come with two gates: One fashioned to look like the Garage where, upon honking, we are instanced back into the Garage. The second gate would be fashioned as the backside of the entry gate currently set in Adventure Mode.

The Adventure Mode map is set up a little like it currently is with side missions and a story-line set of missions, as well as the gates set up along the perimeter of the map. The addition would be to allow players to prime for Raids and PvP at these gates by honking the horn. Once players are in the queue for which ever chosen gate, they can be free to romp around Adventure Mode until the queue pops and we are instanced into the battleground.

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Hey now, lets not ruin a good idea wuth levis.

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