New Perk for Steppe Cabin - Share Ideas?

It frustrates me that the Steppe cabin perk has nothing to do with either legs or Steppenwolfs. Steppenwolfs have exactly one rocket, and you can literally only have one of them. It doesn’t complement anything. The original perk, I think, was +10 kph for legs, which would be a very welcome perk, especially for Big Rams, which are pitifully slow.

So I was hoping people could contribute ideas for a new perk for the Steppe cabin that would actually synergize with either legs or Steppenwolfs in general, although I think new ideas for leg perks would be preferable.

Here’re a few ideas I have. It’s mostly just brainstorming, and obviously my bias and love for ML-200s is going to be reflected in them being completely unbalanced. However, it’s mostly just to spur dialog and hopefully some moderators will see it.

  1. Activate to have mechanical legs do additional melee damage. The more massive the legs, the higher the damage.
  • 1/10 damage (Gerrada), 2/10 damage (Big Ram), 3/10 damage (ML-200) to enemy vehicles adjacent to legs.
  • Speed of vehicle slowed by 30%.

Notes: The idea behind this perk is to synergize heavily with mechanical legs, especially ML-200s. Have the legs do a sort of high-step animation while the perk is activated, so it looks they’re stomping. I’m not sure if the perk should be toggle on/off, or if it should have a duration + cooldown.

  1. Vehicles with mechanical legs can activate Lockdown Mode. While in Lockdown Mode, vehicle becomes immobile, but increases damage, reduces spread, and increases accuracy.
  • Vehicle becomes immobile. Can not move or be moved by other vehicles.
  • Damage for all weapons increased by 30%.
  • Spread for all weapons decreased by 20%.
  • Accuracy for all weapons increased by 20%.

Notes: The idea behind this perk is to emphasize on support builds. Perhaps coupled with a Barrier IX, it would allow the vehicle to absorb a few shots while potentially dealing out a significant amount of damage. With a proper support team, it could be quite deadly if left unchecked. The down side, of course, is extreme vulnerability to enemy artillery, rockets, fire, and melee builds.

  1. Activate perk to gain 3%, 7%, or 10% damage reduction to all parts for each mechanical leg still attached to your vehicle, for a maximum of 50% damage reduction.
  • This perk lasts for 6 seconds and has a cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • 3% for each Gerrada, 7% for each Big Ram, or 10% for each ML-200.

Notes: This perk would emphasize the “tank” part of a Spider Tank. It would especially help support builds with ML-200s temporarily deal with surprise attacks by melee builds.

As a side note, I would love a Pizzicato (plucking) Violin horn to go with my spider builds. Classic sound used in horror movies for creepy crawlies.

  1. I don’t like it. Too much stuff does rando commando melee damage already.

  2. Love this Idea. I think the stats are way to much. Maybe one of those perks at half the percentage.

  3. This idea is ok except there is a hardcap to total damage reduction in the game. Perk would not be able to exceed that. (irrc it is 30%)

Here are three of mine:

  1. Passive perk: Cabin perk adds 5% “towing” power per leg. Up to 30%. Movement parts can be any combination of legs. This is a multiplicative used to calculate mass+power*multiplicative in push/pull scenario’s to determine winner/loser. (this allows spiders with low mass to “tow” even the heaviest builds in effect).

  2. Activatable perk: 8 seconds Immunity to mines/kapkans.

  3. Built in Booster. With roughly 20 booster fuel. Booster provides thrust like 2 Hermes(name?). Recharges slowly (think maybe two/three full burns in a 5 minute match type recharge) Not effected by modules or cool down reductions.

Activate: Reduce reload by 30% for 5 seconds. Cooldown 10 seconds.
On average, less powerful than Omnibox, less conditional than Echo.

“Spiders are tricksters, never take what you see at face value”

Couple more ideas:

  1. Passive Perk: Protects mechanical leg parts with a regenerative shield.

Note: Since they introduced the concept of regenerative shields for movement parts with the new Atom wheels, this perk would extend the concept to mechanical legs when used in conjunction with the Steppe cabin. Exact same properties as the Atoms.

  1. Passive Perk: Reduces the spread of artillery and launchers. For every second you delay firing, the spread of projectiles is reduced by 5%, up to a maximum total of 25%.

Note: Basically if you’re using the Mandrake or the new rocket launcher (forgot the name), the cluster spread is reduced by up to 25% if you hold the firing button for at least five seconds before firing. However, it doesn’t prevent you from utilizing heavy spread for a wider dispersion when you want it to by firing immediately. Unfortunately this perk would currently only affect 2 weapons, both of them being Legendaries.

Side note: I think this would make for an interesting module on its own, or perhaps even a co-driver.


I think the Steppe cabin should’ve remained with a leg theme not changed to rockets…
I new cabin for that would’ve been better…

I agree. I also wasn’t expecting a nerf to a cabin people rarely use anymore. The only thing it had going for it was the durability and mass limit, and they got rid of it because no one uses ML-200s with the Steppe cabin anymore.

The changes are absolutely mind boggling.

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I don’t see it as a nerf, I see more steppe builds on the field and my own builds are more effective. Quite happy actually.

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They buffed legs to compensate, it’s not a nerf.

There was exactly one cabin that was sold exclusively in a pack to be used with legs. It was called a “spider” cabin for a reason. Regardless if you see the current changes as a nerf or a buff, or that legs themselves have been changed to compensate, the entire point of the Steppe cabin has been lost through all these changes.

That one is kinda fine.

That one may be too imbalanced if used with Averter/Omamori but fine nonetheless.

Frankly, StSp should be used with legs, indeed. The rocket/missile bonus should be transfered to Dusk.

I wish I could help but the lopsided PvP-game leaves little room for creativity :frowning:

Screw the meta. Come up with something fun or interesting. Who cares if it’s underpowered or people use it in Clan Wars. It needs to be a Spider cabin again.

It’s not about XO. There’s nothing fun or interesting anymore.

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Like it.

Like it.