New permanent raid / brawl idea Quad Drones

remember the dronepocalypse? i was thinking we could have a special slot for a flying drone that we can customize in a special quad drone raid / pvp match.

it would be like the dronepocalypse, the objective for the pvp one is to destroy your opponents vehicle thats summoning the drones. this would take place in the air and would have you choose between a few pre fixed quad drones to take into the sky and attack your opponents copter / their vehicle. upon reaching 25% durability the vehicle would lose its rotors and take to the ground making you have to focus a little on ground combat as well. in some cases itll be 100% flight combat.

in the raid one you have to customize your own drone. this will allow you to add small amounts of armor to your drone and a weapon / weapons of your choosing. which ones depend on energy cost. in the raid your objective is to destroy the enemies base within the time limit. the base being a giant flying aircraft has quite a bit of armor but also has weak points in the ways of explosives. shooting these will damage the enemy aircraft alot. but you wont be alone, they will deploy their own drones to defend their craft. you will have unlimited revives in here and your reward is based on how far you get.
damaging the enemy less then 10% yields no rewards.
you can even send this drone out into combat with small side missions where they go and fight on their own. you get rewarded based on how well your drone does.

this was just an idea i had from the old dronepocalypse event. i think it would be fun to fly around on a quad drone and fight. i mean its not the best idea but id like a permanent mode added in here. i enjoy the dronepocalypse alot and i just thought this could be a nice counter part to it, this can be in the air rather then the ground like they were in the past.

any thoughts?


Seems like to me you just like flying drones and could go for a drone based video game. In my opinion drones can be fun but 80% of the people dont like them it wouldnt make sense to just make a drone only game mode to an audience that mostly doesnt enjoy drones.

i like either drone ground or flying. i like the dronepocalypse alot and i wanted an alternative to that ground based mode that wasnt locked behind an event.

idk about that, ive seen tons of people playing the dronepocalypse event when i was doing it before and i wouldnt say that many people dont like it. i think its alot of fun and im hoping people agree enough to get the attention of the devs to add it in because i think it would be a fun mode to do.

Thats because people are getting engaged in the current event for points/materials :slight_smile:

I could see them adding a couple flying drones for the next Droneapocalypse. Does anyone remember when they usually run that? April?

Yeah, for April fools…