New play after update

Ok, I will admit there are some very good structure parts you can get through badges, and you definitely should get them as soon as you can.
But not all of those pieces are great. Obviously the pass through parts and the melee ones are important, and there are some great fenders.

However, don’t forget how many important pass through and melee parts come from the factions.

I am still grinding out the prestige levels to get all the bonus pieces, but I think I have all the important ones now.

Under the new system, solo players should still get enough badges to grab all those structure parts in a reasonable amount of time.

But you don’t need all of those parts if you going to play low/mid PS. You only need a few important ones - then move on to spending your badges on something else. The problem is not getting the parts - the problem for a new player is knowing what parts are worth wasting badges on and that is a completely different topic.

Also a few cheep/discounted packs might be able to supple those parts anyways.

I know when you mention spending 10-30 $ on something everyone here acts like they have never had any money before, but spending a little at the start on the right things is solid advice and can jump start an account several months into the future.

The older your account the less impact $10-30 has.

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I still don’t think packs are a good option for anyone short on money. Better to buy a battlepass.

Agreed - but if you need specific parts a “discounted” or “lite” version of a pack will help with those parts the fastest at a cheeper rate. (If those parts are in the pack)

If people can’t offers $10 here or their - then I honestly wouldn’t advise them to play this game at all.

“Free to Play” in the sense of this game really means “Free to Try”

Many free games are not really free - and anyone thinking that this game will have a fair experience for people without money have a hard lesson to learn about “Free to Play” games.