New play after update

After all these discussions Clans VS Solo I believe that, at least for players who now have a lot of coins in storage, is better to play without looking at the challenges, whatever they are weekly or daily, if you don’t want to play in Clan and don’t expect to have everything like Clan can offers is the best way to keep playing only what you like and not what the developers want.
Maybe I’m wrong but for me it’s the only way to happily play XO after the last update for us outside the Clan.
Be Carefull to the clans that like add a lot of players just for kik out them after the week challengs, i can see a lot more than before of them now, is it true ?

Basically what I try to do… Although I have nothing against challenges, maybe even like them. I have no problem rolling out shotgun or cannon build to patrol, I don’t even keep specific builds I just swap weapons from other builds. I like leviathans, throwing some blight green incinerator puddle on stuck levi and watch damage numbers go over9000
Although I always skipped regular raids as they are boring af and no way to speed them up unlike levi.
But than knowing that few nerds got loads more badges worth of coins for playing toxic parties in confrontation and just being "clan"makes me become one of them frustrated folks throwing crap at devs for this policy.
I don’t know… must be some russian thing trying to build communism at least somewhere.
But actually it’s that mechanism of forcing players to acquire stuff to compete for better grind chances. Same as CW but now they made it lower PS and try to herd players through badges, it’s not nice.
Not saying the game is ruined, but it’s nice to see players starting to use some leverage on devs they can’t ignore.

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I’m not following the clan update anymore. It is what it is, and I’m just ignoring it, as with the nonsensical advocates of that mode. I mean, if somebody has something positive to say about it that makes sense, that’s great, happy to hear it, but I’m not really getting that much, and I’m fresh out of concern for the topic.

However, what I did notice last time I played, since the update, that I think is remarkable, is that my crappy sidekicks kicked ass suddenly. That’s new?

I’ve been getting occasional game breaking lag, which seems to always coincide with updates, so I suspect the developers are sneak-tweeking stuff, like my sidekicks (directly or indirectly, IDK), which I’m certain sucked pretty hard last time I tried them, and now suddenly don’t.

I had a gas collection challenge and my gas truck is a drone-boat, so reluctantly I drug it out, hit PVP, and was very pleasantly surprised. IDK WTF, but I’ll take it.

Also, I felt like wheels had been tinkered with a bit by the developers too. While my drone boat seemed extra effective last night, as far as the sidekicks went, it also felt like it was driving through sand, which I didn’t care for, and felt new.

Now, if they’ll do something about the glass guns (maybe they have, IDK) that’d be great, I might have something I can work with.

I’m just here to have some PVP fun, enjoy the build feature, and the apocalyptic universe, and have no interest in the clan wars on any level. 4x4 Confrontation mode pvp might be interesting, and I could get into that, but it’s too hard to catch, so fckit. Whatever.

Personally, I think the clan update is intrusive and punitive, and I don’t care for it, but it would be easier for me to ignore it if the game in general worked better, and maybe that is coming along?

My sidekicks seemed to kick extra hard is all I really know.

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I’ve always found the best way to enjoy Crossout is to ignore the aspects you don’t enjoy, and play the parts of the game you do like.

It is what it is, and either you can find something you like to do, or you can’t.

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I think a lot of people feel this way, and are upset to have this clan wars thing thrust upon them, and feel like they can’t avoid it, because badges.

I like routines, and I know having them upturned is frustrating. This update did a bit of that, I think.

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I think most people react poorly to sudden change in their routines. But often they can adjust after the initial discomfort (this is about life, not just Crossout).

As far as badges go, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. In the old system, most of us ignored the challenges we didn’t feel like doing, and very few people ever got all the badges. Nothing needs to change in that regard: you can still just do the things you enjoy and ignore the rest.
For some players that will mean less badges per week, and for others that will mean more per week. Everyone will still get some badges, as long as they play.
It’s important to remember that Crossout isn’t a job, and it isn’t a race. You don’t get a prize for accumulating enough resources to build a high PS car, all you get is tougher opponents. Getting there quicker is not going to make the game significantly more fun, if you aren’t already having fun.

Most people didn’t make badges their focus before, and they don’t need to now either. Most of my grind was always just the resources we get for everything we do. The badges are just a bonus, and not something anyone should be depending on to make the game enjoyable.

As a f2player I sure didn’t ignore those challenges. The badges were very important. I was always checking on their progress, and used the feature often. Mostly for structure parts, but also for out of reach resources like plastic. They helped me avoid areas of the game I was either not equipped to play, or found too difficult.

As a P2P player, it’s not much different. I use the badges to avoid parts of the game I don’t like, by exchanging the badges for the resources I would have earned by grinding those modes I don’t like.

You mention, "only playing the parts you like,"well, the badges help a lot of us do just that. Cutting back on our allowance of them means playing more modes we don’t like, such as confrontation mode, for example.

Sure, nobody is “being forced” to play this game, but if they want to play it, badges are going to help a lot. Or, you could just bust out the visa to soften your ride. That’s the rub, real or not.

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Ok, but let’s remember what the old system actually was like. The most profitable challenges were the clan wars ones, and most of us didn’t do them. Sure, anyone could do the raid and adventure challenges, but most people didn’t.
I doubt there were more than a small handful of players who actually completed every weekly challenge, and I’m not sure that was even possible to do and still have a life.
So yes, we used those badges, but the badges aren’t why we play the game.
Anyway, the best way to get structure pieces is just to level up the factions, so you could just put a lot of decor on your builds and grind experience in whatever mode you prefer.

Basically we went from a system where most people wouldn’t get most of the badges to another system where most people won’t get most of the badges.

How many badges per week did you usually get before the change? How much of a drop will you see next week, after the solo challenges are added? And then ask yourself what would be the easiest way to close that gap (if there is a gap)?

Anti-social players like myself have options, and it turns out that it’s doesn’t depend on me changing my routine much, beyond starting a clan and posting on the forum looking for members. Bump the thread if you want to find a clan/band to join. The best situation is a diverse clan, where some members focus on PVE, and others focus on the more competitive modes, with some other players doing their normal PVP. None of those players need to change their routine, beyond finding a clan.

Will some clans kick you out for not doing what they want? Sure, but there are also lots of casual ones too.

I have always played this way.

I don’t let the game play me, I only play what I want then I get the reward I get from that.

It has always been the best way to play.


No, it’s not. Not at all. I’m not even sure you can get some of those parts from available factions, and badges represented a way to get structural parts from Battle Passes players may have missed.

It takes a long time to grind through a faction’s levels to get to the prestige stuff. Badges offered a way around some of that.

100 scrap pvp
100 wires pvp
350 batteries pvp
(Just some 2-3 hours, sometimes done in first day of the week)
400 for 40 daily challenges. I only play 2 patrols for shotgun or cannon. Mostly I fulfill dailies just playing half an hour of patrol/pvp while also fulfilling seasonal daily for patches.
175 for Leviathans. I play those anyway for farm and fun.
I also occasionally play raids for plastic and electronics when there are quick ones in rotation, but not every week.
So that was ~1100 I get for playing about hour a day and with option for more.
With new system I’d be probably be making same, but without extra for raids =( And those extra could be another 1000.

Parts in factions and badge exchange are different sets of parts.

Seems like a misquote. I’m not the one sporting that perspective. That’s Poony4u’s perspective, just to be clear.

I agree with this, and think that aspect makes badges very important, especially to f2players and new kids, but I also find them handy for this reason.

I also think your statement there is clearer than mine, for whatever that’s worth.

Weird mechanic of forum. When I try to quote a post quoted in other post. It changes author of the quote to author of the post it was quoted from.

100% this +1

Why waste badges on stuff you can get for free.

I agree that the structure parts you get from badges are good parts, but the most useful ones are from the factions, and once you get to the prestige levels you can also get all the pack structure parts.
Now my perspective may be skewed because I bought the main BPs, and I’m not sure if that means I have less access to structure parts from the badges.
But either way, plows are important, and factions are the way to get those.

You’re really, really, wrong here. Grinding through faction levels to get good parts is much harder than earning the 300-600 badges required to get some of the best parts in the game like the elbows, for example. Typically, the parts offered through the badge exchange are leaps and bounds better then anything you’ll grind out of factions. The Syndicate “Paws” and bumpers are a good example, the “Reflector” fenders another, Captain’s bridge.

I suppose if you already had all the structure parts from the Battle Passes before they began showing up on the Badge exchange, you may not be aware of the depth of that utility, because they wouldn’t show up as an option for you, but for new guys or f2p, this system is way easier to work than leveling up factions for good structure parts…or at least it was.

There are exceptions where it is other way around. Steppenwolfs got best heavy parts in the game(best hp to ps ratio) and their shapes come very handy for certain builds.
And Firestarters got Vial - that part is pretty bias gunmount for low PS builds, and even gives durability. As well as right/left catheter, look them up.
But rest yea, some cosmetic mediocre stuff.

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Ya true, there are several exceptions, especially concerning Steppenwolves and Scavengers.

Now that they seem to have updated this new clan/badge system, it shouldn’t be an issue for f2p or new kids, like it was with the clan/badge wall they had going on when they initially released it. They should be able to regularly and easily gain enough badges to access those premium structure parts offered on the badge exchange just fine.

Topping off a faction takes a helluva lot of grinding through, or even grinding through enough levels to get those good parts.

yes you right i will do same now, but sincerly the challenges stimulated me to play more, after 5 years i have to take break.

Engineer 225+, I don’t have all factions to 15 (some above 15) yet.

Um. Now it is. Before, badges badges badges.

Um. New players don’t have to wait to get melee resistant parts? All of the pack resistance/shoot through parts etc are badges.
Also, why would you spend your emblems on things you get free? You buy all the pack parts when your account is new, starting with the shoot through and melee resistant parts, then change to spending them on purple crates (pre change).
I made a pretty nice hover build in a month on a new account. Would not have been possible if I hadn’t maxed out badges each week (minus CW badges).

For now, I’m just going to worry about it after it snows.