New player experience and End game

Since we now have a complete graphic overhaul they really need a full update dedicated to New player experience and another update focused on end game/CWs.

I really think with the upcoming cross platform that it is important to focus on the new player experience first and launch both the update to that and cross platform together.

Then the next update should focus on a complete end game/CWs overhaul to help retain all of the new customers. I also think the end game update can not focus on CWs alone. I know many PvE players have been talking about “Legendary” raids for awhile. Also we have heard players talk of “Clan” raids. Anything for end game guys would be an improvement.

Only my 2 cents


I agree!

Not totally sure how to best improve the new player experience.
Adventure revamp to supply basic training for current game mechanics would be a place to start. It should give new players a taste of every movement part, maybe through temporary parts they would unlock as they progress through adventure.
Maybe have some mechanic character who would give the new player sporadic lessons on building various types of builds?
Also, get rid of the stabilizer crates, and turn them into crates that contain items. Even if they’re just rares, it will help the new players. Maybe make them untradeable, but could be used for crafting? After level 30 they could give out stabilizers, but personally I’d rather have at least a chance of getting something more useful.

One thing I personally think we should do for the new player experience is make the starter cars better looking and little higher PS.

The starter cars look kind of dumb, for a new player you might be WTF and uninstall just because of that alone.

100% agree! Though I have zero XP with CW as my clan is too low in PS to be “allowed” in with most everyone else.
I’ve had an idea about how to help increase enjoyment of the new player experience that I’ve been floating around for the last couple years. But it hasn’t really caught on just yet. That idea is this:

Crossout, or Targem…whoever…should create a 30 minute short that ends right where Awakening begins. In the 30 minutes we can all get a rundown of what’s going on, what to do, and what to watch out for. That way, when it ends, players are amped to jump right into the Awakening Missions, and have been saddled with the appropriate starter knowledge to survive. Imagine something like a news reel out of Starship troopers or something.

How about they can unlock new “Adventure Only Blueprints” - just like we did when they had the Arena event. Then you could use those cars in that mode OR you can always use your own just like before.

I’m not even against unlocking starter “Raid Only builds” too.

All these free to use builds would have to be low PS and designed to help ease new players into the game with PvE but it might help build interest faster.

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I don’t feel like there is any end game it’s just more endless grind. It might be nice if I could say I finished chapter 1 of the storyline but the only storyline is in awakening.

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They should cross “awakening” and “Raids” with the story. (Also events)

It’s rather bland right now. I love the awakening area in itself but there isn’t really anything to do there unless testing, driving around, or helping new players.

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Maybe awakening could have little missions using pre-built cars, which could give new players a taste of high end builds and movement parts.

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Love this

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by the power given to me by god i pronounce you monkey and wife! together you shall roam these forums, eternally defending the game and its crap against the naysayers who dare to speak up!

Anyone here ever play Star Trek Online? They have a Passive Game called the Admiralty System. It’s an End Game type thing. Basically, you get to look through “paperwork” and assign NPC’s to accomplish things that, then, grant resources to craft with or trade.

I’d like to see something similar where we can check a Message Board that the games Faction Leaders have left messages on, tasks to be completed that we, then, assign the games pre-made faction blueprints to go do. Rewards could be any resource and, maybe, even a little Uranium for the solo players that don’t join clubs, like a Clan.

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An in game message board would not be a bad idea.

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IMO, a quality of life improvement for the beginner would need to start by replacing that nasty chalky pink and blue paint they give you with something you might want to actually use. It’s not so much a reward as an insult to get those paints. Other than that, we’re all good.

They’ve improved the faction builds, I think. That helps. They actually look dangerous and fun.

I’d like to see them reintroduce the Thug in some kind of nostalgia pack. The promo packs are good for start-ups, but I’d rather have something that promoted Crossout instead of some guy on Youtube. I like Crossout, but I don’t care for the personalities Crossout promotes for Youtube. Twitch isn’t something I can stomach either. I just don’t get it. I don’t want to either.

I just crossed prestige level 4 Engineers, and I have no complaints about this game, although I did hang up this hat for about two years after struggling with the shock of hitting base level 30 Engineers. Things seem much better now. I’m having fun. I’m not having problems building cool cars and being competitive with them. What else is there?

I’m also not spending any money on this gig either. I might spend some actual cash on virtual goods in a different life, just to support the developers (this is a cool game), but this here is a free2play account (sporting a 99cent Woody), so they can put to bed all that gibberish about this game being pay2win. I’m having fun anyway.

I don’t know what the end-game looks like, or how that should improve, but the Ace experience is fine and dandy, even as a free2player, except for that hideous pink and blue paint. That yuk’s got to go.


One week out of every month should be at a max PS set at 10k or below, down to 6k. Maybe Jan has 1 week at 10k or less. Feb could be 6k. March 8000. Etc.

It would keep things from becoming so stale and it would allow many more people to get engaged in CW much earlier.

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Yeah, those paints are kind of an eyesore if I can be honest.

There’s quite a few sponsored youtubers that have really good personalities, like the Salty Redneck and Beastman YT and JB Rider. I’ll be truthful about my personality on YT towards crossout, it can be hit and miss. Greg Gardner, that’s me.

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a short vid I made about the system I proposed previously for End Game players.