New Player Experience? Is it normally this bad?

Hi. Today I was asking in chat how the flying mechanics work because the controls seem really wonky and don’t make sense. I was having a lot of issues flying so I decided to ask in chat how do I fly. A few people in chat began to talk down to me. One person being [己丹し丹冊工 #1015547] especially tried to belittle me and treat me in a poor fashion. The response to my question was pretty disappointing. So I just kept trying to learn on my own. But with each match I kept getting more and more confused because the flight controls make no sense. So after my last match I decided to ask, “How do I fly backwards or backup while flying”. My response was that salami guy saying this.

07:52:38.216| < general_pc_en>[remy2501 #2346580] how do you fly backaward?
07:52:55.497| < general_pc_en>[己丹し丹冊工 #1015547] remy are you seriously that handicapped?
07:53:06.985| < general_pc_en>[remy2501 #2346580] serious fucking question
07:53:10.642| < general_pc_en>[ Kekol #2596167] this is crossout, we’re all handicapped
07:53:13.843| < general_pc_en>[己丹し丹冊工 #1015547] you asked that an hour ago
07:53:14.660| 86399 seconds mute
07:53:14.660| < SYSTEM> You have been blocked in game chat. The block will be lifted in 23 hours

Why did this happen? This makes even less sense than the flight controls in game. I did nothing but ask a question then proceeded to get harassed and insulted about it. They even blatantly made a derogatory remark about mental illness. I watched them continue to talk after I got blocked. So this makes even less sense. I believe this was a major error somehow. Is this how new players are treated in this game? I was just telling my gaming group about how awesome the game is and a bunch of them was downloading the game so we could all play together this weekend. Now I’m not feeling the game that much anymore after this.

There are always going to be some jerks in online gaming. A lot of us aren’t though, and will be happy to help,

When flying helicopters, your mouse (or your right stick on controllers) controls your forward and reverse tilt, as well as the rotation of your build. The left stick (or your normal steering controls) controls your tilt from side to side, which allows you to strafe.

So to move backwards, you need to tilt your copter backwards by aiming up. To move forwards, you tilt downwards. Your acceleration is more about moving you higher in the air, but also makes you go faster if you are tilted in any direction. Your brake/reverse makes you descend.

Does that make sense? I’m happy to add more detail if you need it.

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then what does space do? these assholes said holding space makes you move up and down with w and s. I’ve been trying to fly these things but the don’t handle like aircraft. it’s weird. there is no momentum. but that’s besides the point. why would i get blocked for asking? is this game that new user unfriendly? if so i am definitely not wasting any money on this product. i will also tell anyone i know to stay away from this game.

xo got new players? :face_with_monocle: :smile:

Saved yourself a lot of time figuring that out.
About that topic, ye you can’t really move backwards, especially while shooting, probably another genious stunt to balance heli mode, without it autocannons would be bias.

I’m on console, so I don’t know what space usually does.

If it is normally acceleration, then yes, you do want to use that in combination with your mouse to move forwards or backwards.

Edit: isn’t W acceleration? I have no idea what space does. Maybe they were just trolling you.

This player is an ass, pay them no mind.

Space is your heli’s brake. It stops you from moving forwards or backwards, or tilting up and down when you aim. It puts you in a stationary hover, useful for shooting directly below you.


You can bind keys to anything, i don’t use the standard wasd layt but uses wert with pinky on the w and thumb on the spacebar. You can bind keys any way you like so it shouldn’t be an issue for the op, all he got to do is go in the menu and tinker with it and set it up to his liking

Would that be L3 on console?
What does space usually do on ground builds?


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Awesome! I didn’t know about that!

See, even those of us who have been playing for years need to ask the forum how the game works!

I just wish there was normal flight controls. lol