New players! Read now

Since the posts on this forum are removed it is important to let new people know what to expect from this game.

First off I have a love hate relationship with XO.
On one hand it is the most addictive game I personally have played and it will always have a warm spot in my heart.

But on the other hand this game is life crushing with its endless grind. If you do not plan to spend years playing this game then run now. If you start this game with 5 friends all of them will leave you and you will be stuck alone.

I have always kind of been on the fence when spending money on this game, picking up a few packs on sale and getting the battlepass. But for some people I have seen this game cost them thousands of dollars and even cost loved ones… the I know people that choose Crossout over their families because the grind is so intense.

Is there fun to be had here? Sure. But at what cost?

Most people don’t last a day or two. Even a few hours before uninstall.

Keep this in mind when deciding to start playing this game.


Here is my tip for new players:
Don’t chase the end game.
Play at the PS you are comfortable at. No point in stressing yourself to play at high PS, as the resources are the same. Just focus on enjoying yourself, and you can easily play the game for years without getting bored.
The players who buy their way into a Clan Wars build too early get frustrated more easily than the players who have spent their time fine tuning a 5kPS build and learning to play.


My other piece of advice is to only buy the Battlepasses. Much batter value than any pack, and makes the grind more fun.
I only started buying battlepasses because I felt bad that I’ve spent so much time playing a game that I never spent any money on. I do not regret buying any of the battlepasses, and I have purchased them all.


Technically there are, but we cant see them as i assume most of us, play in the post-prestigue (lvl30+) bracket, the one lower than us, ie the genuine noobies, are in their own bracket, that is actually pretty fun, as the meta builds are extremely rare, and its quite a good experience… sad that when they reach lvl 30, they get paired on with all of the meta chasers, but thats other problem.


this is actually a great idea…not to mention it got usually some fairly decent cabs/weapons tossed in as bonuses… along with new content…as far as I’m concerned its pretty much the best bang for the buck… and yes I have also bought some packs usually when their on sale


Half of this thread has already been deleted…

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Surprised? I thought everyone knew that was the point

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It’s the point of the new forum for sure. They are censoring everything.

The homeland would be proud.

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Part of the “incentivizing you all to move to reddit or discord” I’m sure.

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No way moving to Reddit.
Even the Russian forum is not using Reddit.

They use VK.

I have always posted on the Russian forum too.
So if I was going to “move” anywhere it would be the the place a Russian developer would use.

Which is not Reddit.

It’s funny they told the English community one thing and the Russian one another :wink: Go figure.

I would presume most of us already suspected the Russian forum was where most of the fixes and balance changes came from, anyways. They’d tweak things no one was really talking about in the US/Euro channels.

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Yeah, they are all like - Americans go over to Reddit so we don’t have to bother with you and we will take our community somewhere else :slight_smile: :rofl:

“Americans” < ’ >_< ’ >

mumbles typical america-centrist yankee comment (^:

Russian forum went to VK not Reddit.

If you look into it (I’m not allowed to say here) you will know the real reason why.

Yeah I know why russians aren’t on Reddit anymore (can they even use any kind of social media we use anymore?)
Just that that leaves asians, europeans, south americans etc players here, not just US players :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think they can use any of our social “officially”

The funny thing is, we can still go to all of their social sites.

Not trying to start a fight, but from a person that uses terms like “smooth Brain” I didn’t think you would get offended by the word “American”

How about this, you change your negative comments and I will say “English Speaking” instead of American? Deal?

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So back to the original topic.


its heart-warming to see all the grateful replies from new players, thank you very much for this topic @monkeybrains


Encouraging people not to play the game, not like that’s a rules violation is it?

My suggestion to new players: Avoid the forums and behavior like that displayed by the OP and you’ll be fine.


Great work monkey, I warned some ppl too when I noticed my friends started to play this garbage, now they warn their frends and so on. No new players in dying game. :rofl:

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