New porc animations

I didn’t notice any mention of this. But damn… Its so beautiful now. Just wanted to say. I loooooove it! It’s a lil mushroom cloud.

thats… how its always been though lol

It seems prettier and more vibrant. Am I going crazy? Hmmm. I got a new pain medication and this is only my Seccond day on it. The first week will be rough with potential issues and side affects until my body gets used to it.

Am I really mistaken about the porcs? Man… These new meds are a berch.

yeah they are the exact same for me. lol man your seeing things, you sure you took the right medication? xD

Nope Its not the meds. It says in the patch notes about the porcs. I was right =)

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Lol!! At least he admitted that it could have been the meds :slight_smile: but was not.

i dont notice any difference honestly.