New project

I need a new project to tweak into oblivion.

My previous ones are not perfect and i will tweaking them as long there’s a game but for now i’m pretty happy with them.

In a short version.
I need a new project, but, apparently, i’m blank.

Any ideas?

I once, checked out the build green fang and i was amazed how shitty the build was made ( only two frames or about, the rest were part mounted on part )
I don’t have the blight cab.

Is there a type of weapon you have never tried?
Maybe now is the time?

outside SGs, MGs, cannons and drones, only lances.
auroras are cool
I’m hopeless with triggers

Why not build a functional art build? Use structural parts to shape eyes, nose and mouth, then put some weapons on it. Experiment in bedlam, people will be happy to give you ideas and suggestions.

Make me a hamster-mobile?? I’ve tried to make a hamster car and failed miserably. They all end up looking like turds (not kidding).

I have a few that look ok though they are less sculptural and more figurative in the hamster elements.

Some of the smaller auto-cannons are kind of fun. There’s the 2 special ones both are kind of fun to mess with.

A hamster-shaped build is easy! Just build a guinea pig shaped build first, then shrink it down. :grin:

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I can’t do that either… :sob:

I have a cute mace shotgun that has a hamster-ish shape and a incin build that kind of has a hamster face aspect to it if you look me up in the exhibition. I think were both on pc.

tracked sideways cannon barn

Why sideways? Just make it point forward and pretend it’s a replica of the latest T-something fielded by Russia.

I guess after spending years complaining that XO players were driving bricks rather than realistic cars, some XO ru fan decided to take the matter in his own hands and made a IRL brick, to validate all the ugly XO builds of the last decade.

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because its a project and its funnier than forward

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Broadside barn t-90 when?

Can you tell me the time of this photo?

If it was before lunch, he’s in disguise, if it was after lunch…well it’s a moving accident

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