New pvp map “orbital station”


The next major update is just over a week away! Today we will take a closer look at the new PvP location, which will become available with the update’s release. Welcome to the “Orbital station”!

The new location was created for the “Control” mode and features a unique visual style and an asymmetrical layout. At the beginning of the battle, players always have a choice of where to go: one of the paths leads directly to the bases “A” (from the northern respawn point on the map) and “C” (from the southern point), the second — to the capture point “B”.

The respawn point of the second team and the path to the base “C”

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Respawn point of the first team and the path to base “A”

Bases “A” and “C” are the remains of the Ravager machines. The points are located opposite each other and are separated by a battle arena among rocks and palm trees.

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View of base “C”

View of base “A”

View of the arena between bases “A” and “C”

Base “B” is a fallen orbital station at the bottom of the shallowed sea.

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View of base “B”

The structure of the location allows you to reach the station or the machines of the Ravagers through the arena.

An important feature is that the base at the station’s crash site is advantageously located relative to the bases of the Ravager machines: not only it is concealed from direct fire, but it can also offer a number of positions for sniper fire on the enemies capturing these two bases.

Share your thoughts and first impressions about the “Orbital station” map with us. We’ll see you in the news with the announcement of the upcoming balance changes!

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always good to see new maps! :saluting_face:

For sure it is!
Especially decent-size maps, and it’s nice they tying it in with the Ravagers and Dawn Children’s themes


not here to be one of those guys that’s like “It could be cooler” even since we haven’t had a chance to play it yet but… I hope it’s an animated map like how the nameless tower is (with its falling tower) and the Orbital Station isn’t there at the start, yet, randomly falls out of the sky during battle.


ya,if it spins it would be cool :yum:

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I’m glad they are pulling more of the Sci-fi theme into the maps.

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This looks like a nice open map, Would be nice for maps like this to be used in CW Levi battles.


Doubt I’ll get to play much on it. Game’s a shadow of its former self. Jumped out of CW after 15 mins today, the last part of the game that was fun isn’t anymore.

But we’re getting a new map, yay.

CWs needs a major overhaul.

Staring with making Levi Wars and regular CWs on two separate leaderboards.

We need a full update and new maps just for CWs.


Not throwing people out of the game and/or letting them reconnect to games like any professionally made game of the last 25 years would be nice too.
Not seeing the same 2 hover builds every game too.

Sadly, we get none of this in the next patch, and considering the rate at which Targem is updating its game, it’s as good as dead for me. Well, it was fun (for a while)


Hello everyone.
I can’t wait to see that map.

Bonjour, il s’agit d’un forum anglais et non français

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