New Radar RD-3 EagleEye and Steppe Spider - Cab: Old Perk

The Step Spider cabs old perk to boost movement speed of legs should return making that cab the go to for walkers. That increase movement speed of “LEGS” and maybe rotation speeds as well.

It just makes sense & now the nerf coming to Gerrida I with speed and turning speed and even durability it would just make the Gerrida I and other walkers more fun in higher powerscores with the cab being Epic.

What does everyone think?

Also for the perk it has could introduce like a new radar that is for the Rocket Perk from the STEPPE SPIDER CAB.

RD-3 EagleEye: (EPIC Rarity)
Increases the enemy detection radius to 400m
(Only one Locator can be mounded on the Vehicle.)

Increases the accuracy and Projectile speed of course rockets, frontal rockets, and rocket launchers by 50% but reduces their damage by 15%.

Powerscore: 275
Durability: 232
Energy Drain: 1pts.
Mass: 237 kg.

Scaled down version of that. Little larger then the RD-2 Keen by maybe 8% to 10% larger.

Like I dont even know the last time I seen anyone using the Steppe Spider cab anymore.
I feel its like the least used cab on Crossout now days. Maybe not #1 least used.

As someone who has the Steppe Spider as my most used cabin, yes after the change to the perk, I’d be OK with perks being moved to something else as long as it isn’t gone. I quite like the speed and spread buff to make rockets viable.

Yeah its not a bad perk just its weird perk I would say for the Steppe Spider cab.
Its modeled after a spider hence why it use to increase the movement speed of legs.

An yeah the perk is good and just kinda made sense to be on like a Radar or something or maybe like a laser designator that mounts on the car and kind of acts like a radar.

I never understood the change in the step spider cabin in the first place. Again, Someone justifying their job switching stuff around to torque off more people to keep the “Go-to” build blueprints forced to be changed. One reason many past clients are no longer in game . Inconsistency.

I’d hate having that perk attached to something that can be shot off.

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