New Rarity Weapon Ideas (Between Epic and Legendary)


It’s pink, but the name hasn’t been thought of yet

Pink Machine Gun energy 5 Large rapid-fire machine gun Comparable in size to thresher 320 Durability Damage12.5 Accuracy range overheating is slightly better than the M39 machine gun, but still much worse than the spectre, and the ability is -15% for all weapons to spread growth

Pink Shotgun energy 3 Body shape between Thunder and Mace Durability 160 Damage32 Ability is +10% accuracy for all shotguns

Pink AC energy 4 Durability: 280 Body shape similar to Joules Explosion damage: 19.5 Very poor accuracy Attack speed is the same as whirl, rotation speed is between Joule and Whirlwind ,Ability is hit, accuracy increased by 10%, misses reduced by 2 layers, up to 10 layers

Pink Cannon energy6 Durability 680, Size between Fat and Hulk Explosion, Damage 90 Accuracy and shell speed comparable to elephant, Reload time 1.8s Press the fire button to automatically fire, the ability is to increase the damage by 15% and the shell flight speed by 40% every 1 second after the reload is completed, up to 3 layers

pink Rocket energy 6 Durability 290 Incinerator launch method, ballistics the same as Emily, damage 160 launch rocket with 8 warheads each 40 damage at 120m split Ability: small warheads increase damage by 80% per 100m and 80% explosion range

Pink Tesla energy 3 Durability 255 Intermittent current fire, twice per second, damage 20 Same ability as Tesla, longer range, but does not attack multiple targets at the same time, only along the crosshair

pink Crossbow energy6 Durability 550 Slightly larger than Phoenix Overheated weapon 3 rounds per second 40 damage per shot Accuracy and bullet speed are the same as spikes

Pink Flame Cannon Energy 6 Just like the robots in a raid, a slow cannon attack will create a fire on the ground

NO. Not needed. Not in any way. None of it. There isn’t space for another tiering in the game. They have not even developed specials other than BP garbage since they introduced it.

If they want to make a “pink” tesla… it would be purple.

I would work on suggestions within current tiering colors.

Also did you use the suggestion box and submit it for the devs to look at because they are not going to look at your suggestions here.

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Can we stop with these spam posts of new rarities…

The grind is BS as it is… no we do not need this…

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