New Rarity Weapon Ideas (Between Special and Epic)

It’s green, but the name hasn’t been thought of yet

Green Machine Gun energy 5 Durability 500 , model similar to large mini gun but taller, shorter barrel, damage 13 The attack speed is the same as that of a normal machine gun but the accuracy is worse than that of a frontal machine gun, the weapon rotation speed is the same as the AC43, and the ability is to fire overheating speed within 2 seconds of being attacked is reduced by 15%

Green Shotgun energy 4 damage 26, single-barreled shotgun, model slightly less than Thunder, attack speed is the same as Spitfire (slightly faster than normal shotgun), durability 162, ability is when hit first shot outside 35m does not increase heat

Green Cannon energy 5 Durability 490, Angle of Fire 90° Damage 134 (Shell stats between Hulk and 88AP)The shell flies faster than the Hulk but slower than the 76mm.The ability is an additional 15% damage to the cabin

Green Rocket energy 5 Front rocket launcher but the same firing angle as crickets, durability 230, Reload time between crickets and locusts, three shots at a time, damage 80, flight slightly slower than crickets, hit two of them The next round flight speed is faster

The Green Grenade energy 5 Durability 280 model is about the same as the thresher with 55 damage, the same attack speed as the retcher,the ability is not spread growth

Green Energy Weapons energy 6 Durability 410 Shoot plasma rays 38 damage ,2.5shot per second ,But the ray collision volume is large, the range is limited, the charged weapon is charged with power unit acceleration, the weapon stores energy and recovers slowly, and the shooting consumes energy

Green Crossbow energy 4 ,Durability 298 Slightly smaller than spike damage115, Accuracy and flight speed are worse than spikes, but reload is twice as fast

The green wheeled and turret drone uses AC, the wheeled uses small joules, and the turret uses point-fired AC

No. No and No

I stopped crafting legendaries since the introduction of special items because it’s just way too many steps, it’s so goddamn obnoxious. I do NOT want to have to craft thrice the blues to make an epic U_U

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They can be another branch that requires materials for low-rarity equipment crafting but does not become high-rarity weapons, thus not affecting high-rarity crafting


I’m all for new items, but not for new rarity.

The price of everything is messed up enough as it is.

Also… they have not even finished the tech tree they have.


This just does not make sense though.

Why would they add a new group of items that works nothing like the other groups?

Like I said. I’m all for new items, not new rarity.

The game shouldn’t have any rules to follow other than balance, and I’m sure these things perfectly benchmark the ability to 240ps per point of energy

As he said, not doing so will lengthen the crafting time of highly rare items

I do not think there is enough separation between the ones we have now, why would I support more unused tiering?
I would prefer a rework of both special blue and purples upward instead of a whole new garbage tiering.

make it only 3 tiers , common, special and lengendary

This game really does not need yet another rarity, when the current rarities are already all over the place and balanced like a monkey hits a typewriter with a banana

I generally would agree that there are enough rarities. However there are two things that I think additional color codes could work for though that are similar:

Side-grade items: An item crafting type that changes the dynamic of an item but where that innovation doesn’t place it in the next rarity. I.e. not a huge change…

Upgraded items: self explanatory. Right now we can’t sell them but adding them in as a selective rarity would help with filtering them on the market and keep them from being confused in crafting events…

No just no… we do not need this…

Grind is BS as it is… we do not need extra steps to an already stupid process…

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