New Relic Ideas

energy: Heat ray and plasma emitter. Gun fires a heat ray that charges the gun, after full charge emits lightening and  plasma balls.
Auto cannon: Farther the gun is away from the target the larger the explosive damage.
Flying Drone: Deploy the drone the direction you are facing and allow the player to release payload that drops a path of napalm.
Wheel Drone: Deploy at targeted enemy. Upon explosion fully heats all parts in blast radius. The farther the drone is deployed away from target the larger the explosion.  
Turret: Twin barreled laser cannon. projectiles penetrate all enemies and heat all parts in the path of rounds. Turret survives until destroyed.  
Missiles: Four barreled missile launcher that can switch between homing and coarse rockets. Upon successful hits immediately fires another volley of missiles.  
Crossbow: Fully automatic. Upon each successful hit impulse of the next round increases.
Grenade Launcher: 3 Barreled triangle firing pattern. Upon all 3 projectiles hitting the same target, the projectiles firing distance increases and pattern tightens.
Melee: Junkyard style ripping and shredding gears, upon making contact if 50% or more of the weapon is in contact with enemy the weapon begins to become magnified and pulls enemy toward the center of weapon.  
Defensive Module: Creates a passive shield that outlines the contour of the vehicle. Shield takes damage and must be depleted before damage is allowed through. Shielding is only penetrated in areas that are hit by damage. Shielding recovers faster if not broken.
Wheels CK: Allows all wheels to become passive melee weapons, but the melee is different for each wheel. Some melee is on the wheel hub some are spikes or heavier chains, etc…
Ammo pack mod: Makes any projectile (including guns that do not take ammo) explosive/piercing/incendiary until you run out of ammo. Must be attached to ammo packs mounted on builds and only affects ammo from that ammo pack(s).
Radar detector: Can see all enemies and cloaked enemies on map. Can activate a radar scrambler sending false information to mini map and hiding location on the map.  
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Crossbow: a full auto crossbow is stupid, and you could just pin someone to a wall with it. You’d complain to have it nerfed if it was used against you.

Wheel CK: CKs don’t change any of the parameters of the thing they’re applied to, it says it in their description. They also have to be the same rarity as the part they’re changing, which would mean we need relic wheels.

Missile launcher: the perk here is retarded, sorry to say it. This would become the new meta, and the game’s community would drop to maybe 10% of what it is now. This would be a full auto missile launcher in close quarters combat.

Melee: This would instantly kill the game.

Defense module: this would be nigh impossible to code, good luck ever getting this added.

Ammo mod: just use a mastodon. If you’re to type to be lobbying for more relics, something tells me you have a few.

Turret: this is dumb, this is the Athena if it was worse.

Plasma emitter: this is the spark III, Athena and Helios in one gun. In other words, Overpowered at it’s peak.

Flying drone: use the mandrake.

Auto cannon: I think we already have a weapon that does this… not sure if it’s an auto cannon, but the cyclone is as bad as it is, and a relic version with this perk would be so much worse.

Wheel drone: the fuze but with a porc barrel on top? Also that’s a cabin perk.

The only two I could agree with are the grenade launcher and the Radar, but only if they were legendary.

Hi Grimm,

Nice to see you on the forum. I love the magnetic relic grinder idea. I would love to get this. Or, they could just give me my old Flash perk back.

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Thank you for adding nothing substantive or useful with your negative attitude and poor ability to provide feed back.

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Adding more relics like this would deter people from the game, I’m speaking the truth here.

Although after reading through my original post it does seem very rude, and I’m sorry for that.

I just have a very strong opinion towards relics in general.

I apologize for the tone of my previous statements, but I still align with the points made.

I think more relics aren’t a good idea.


Why gate all the interesting weapons to relics? Nobody is going to get them, nor is anybody going to seriously play them in PvP because high ps is bad and the minority play it. They gotta balance the low PS porc and jorm builds first too.

The devs never come here though.

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You have failed the assigned assignment: Relic ideas.

Start a thread to cry if you feel so strongly about it. But good on you for realizing your pessimism.

There is currently no rapid firing projectile based relic in the game and a “full auto” crossbow would simply be based on the polybolos. Its not that dumb of a idea, although a steadily increasing impulse perk would not be able to be reasonably balanced for a relic, especially not one with a high rate of fire.

We also have enough kinetic crossbows., meanwhile Phoenix has been the only blast damage bow for years. Id prefer something like that, but we dont even have a legendary version yet. (Devs pls)

And no relic cabin has ever been introduced. I am shooting myself in the foot by mentioning this but…

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