New Relic?

I know half of you don’t care about relics but…

Isn’t it about time for a new one to come out?

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This was my idea for a new relic I posted back in november. I will copy and paste it here
Relic annihilator would be nice, maybe a drone that chases you down shoots flame’s and heats up parts or something, like a trombone that constantly chases you. I would call this relic drone the FireHawk

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How are they going to release a new one when they are still trying to fix the last one xD

They are also still trying to fix rares, teals and epics BUT that don’t stop them from introducing more.

I agree but they’re just like any other weapon, OP at first or sucky, then month or so later its nerfed or buffed

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This is true, but some of us make coins so fast it don’t mater.

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If it’s a cool new fun weapon, yup I am interested. I am not afraid of playing musical relics. (I rarely use my relics except in easy raids lol.

I would still love to see a Corvo type weapon as a relic.


I don’t think this is on purpose. I think they generally think the weapons are appropriately balanced when released, but that information is based on very limited usage by real players. Sometimes that limited usage makes something look more useful than it is, but shortly after being released into the wild, other players find effective counters for it

On the other hand, I think sometimes they release a weapon and real world players simply utilize it better than their limited test subjects do.

I mean… it’s different, but the same… it took players how many weeks to finally get the suicide helicopter exploit figured out? I think this is a big part of why nerfs and Buffs constantly keep coming. We keep finding new ways to play with their toys they never saw coming.

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But I’m not opposed to them introducing new relics, as long as they put a bit more thought behind them than say an epic weapon. And ones then aren’t just slight remodels of lower-tier weapons like the Typhoon is to the tsunami



They can’t build every build people are going to make. So they just don’t think of things.

As a Meta builder, When a new item comes out I ask myself: “How can I abuse that?”




A while back, I had a tilting auger build. I still have it just because it’s funny, but it used to be pretty OP. All the weight hangs off the back, so it tilts back on two omnis I have back there. It’d lift the augers in the air. I had Gravastars firing downward through the augers.

So, I’d cloak up & ram enemies with this giant melee monster. It was hilarious & quite effective.

Then, they screwed with the masses of tons of armor, traction of tires & what not & it doesn’t work nearly as well as it did.

But you know good & well they never intended the augers to be used as flying harvesters. :rofl:

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This is the current version of that tilting build… it doesn’t tilt as much as it used to, so it more rocks back & forth. I also fused my gravastars, so one is missing for now. I keep the build around assuming I’ll eventually fix it so it’s usable again.

When I was using it, I got accused of cheating quite a bit.

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