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BackstoryA new kind of resource that was in surplus even since the virus breakout. Untouched reserves were found here and there, and many raider gangs were using it recklessly, without proper refinement. Due to infamy of unferined oil usage, often resulting in an explosions and fire, even the advanced factions were not kind with experimenting on it. That was until one auspicious day, when both Scavengers and Nomads discovered Old World technologies which helped them to use oil in a different way. They couldn’t re-discover old ways of making oil as efficient as it was before but what they have found is how to affect the other vehicles with that viscous liquid with deadly effectiveness.

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New resource: Oil

Can be gathered in fuel-required patrol (reward numbers: between 8 and 15) and easy raids (reward numbers: between 35 and 55). Bonus reward is given if a player has one or two unique fuel tanks installed and not destroyed at the end of the battle (2 oil for each tank remained, 4 max bonus).

Use: creating of new weapons (probably something else but I don’t want to think about this game too much without pay) similar with additional resource used for rapid-fire machine guns making.

New weapons, special rarity:

Oil sprayer “Road painter”

Mass Durability Ammo Energy consume Attack range Rate of spraying Size and model Oil quantity to craft one
350 271 160 2 Same as Remedy Same as Remedy Same as Remedy 220

Limited turn angle

BackstoryBeing on the run isn’t easy. Not for Nomads, apparently. Traveling all the time and having the enemies chasing them, Nomads thought of possibilities it offers. Now, with the help of their new support weapon, those pesky pursuers won’t go far.

Road painter sprays everything in front of it with oil. It amkes oil puddles on the ground which last for 7 seconds and affect every hostile movement part that touches it, except for Hovers, Armoured tracks, Tank tracks, Goliaths, and Gerridae. Wheels, Omni, and tracks that are affected by oil puddlescan’t turn or slow down for 1.2 seconds on the oil puddle and after leaving it. ML and Bigrams in leg mode are being slowed to 30 km/h for 2 seconds on the oil puddle and after leaving it. Augers are unaffected by oil slowing effects.

If the sprayed oil gets onto the enemy vehicle, if affects it similar to any flamethrower except for piercing (showers it with oil). Any movement part with oil splash on it has reduced acceleration (basically draws more power). Any weapon that is covered in oil has reduced turn speed (-25% is substracted from the base 100%, then other bonuses and penalties are applied). Oil effects on a vehicle last for 3 seconds unless oil is ignited (burning oil effects described below).

Oil thrower “Residue”

Mass Durability Ammo Energy consume Attack range Rate of fire Turn speed Size and model Oil quantity to craft one
196 215 55 3 50m Medium Medium 3x2x5 With a barrel 220
(basically a machine gun shaped weapon but with big nozzle)
BackstoryScavengers, widely knows as avid collectors of everything on their way, never though about junk as something that can be easily discarded. Even the liquids never go to waste but are re-used and applied where needed.

Residue fires a medium-sized oil blob that has average velocity (like a Pulsar projectile). If the blob touched the enemy vehicle, it covers 14-pin area of the target with oil (7 pins in all directions from the hit point). Affected movement parts and weapons have their respective penalties: to the acceleration and turn rate, for 4 seconds both. Igniting the oil cancels the effect.

New weapon, epic rarity:

Oil spitter “G00SE”

Mass Durability Ammo Energy consume Attack range Rate of fire Turn speed Size and model Oil quantity to craft one
560 386 60 4 200m Slow Medium 4x3x5 With a barrel 500
(similar to Reaper but slightly bigger and with one big muzzle)

Special effect:
The weapon itself cannot be covered in oil and cannot have its turn speed reduced. If the capsule has hit the enemy in less than a second after the shot, the affected area is increased by 1 pin from the hit point (bigger oil spill).

Backstory”Spitter Enhanced G00” was designed to be the main stopping power weapon after Scavengers were disappointed in Kapkan. Test versions proved to be ineffective, but, after Nomads provided rubber cement additive and some additional pressure modules were added the power G00SE packed was deemed worthy of stopping even the most heavy opponents

G00SE fires a small-sized capsule of extra-viscous oil with adhesive additive. If the capsule hits the enemy, it ruptures, releasing the mix onto the target. The oil affects area of 10 pins (5 pins in all directions from the hit point) and lasts for 4 seconds. If G00SE oil affects any weapon, it cannot be turned (providing it could before); if it affects any wheel/Bigram/track, those can’t move on their own; if it affects any Auger/Omni/ML/Bigram in ML mode, those cannot move sideways; if it affects hovers, the hover temporarily shuts down. Affected movement parts still have their respective parameters and effects, with the exception of hover, which cannot support its hovering height during the effect of the oil (falls on the ground). Igniting the oil cancels the effect.

New weapon, legendary rarity:

Flame weapon “Immolator”

All parameters of this weapon are equal to Incinerator’s.

Oil quantity to craft one

Special effect:
If vehicle with Immolator on it is standing for 3 seconds in the puddle of non-burning oil, 3 ammo of Immolator is replenished. That effect can occur three times in one battle and cannot proc multiple times for one oil puddle.

Also, this weapon has a charged attack.

BackstoryFirestarters couldn’t stant aside looking at wasting of precious fuel of the flame. With a few small tweaks and touches former Incinerator become even more deadly, promising the rain of fire for the enemies.

Immolator is a canister launcher like Incinerator, but instead it launches a small canister of oil. If charged, the weapon fires up to 5 (depending on charge level, number shown on the weapon icon) small oil canisters in a clister which spread mid-air and cover the ground with oil puddles (similar to Mandrake spread), affecting the enemies in usual way. If an enemy happen to ride through the puddle, the puddle and every other oil splatter it touches is ignited and starts to burn. Oil puddles from Immolator stay on the ground for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds they combust and damage every enemy on it. If an enemy is hit with the Immolator canister, the latter combusts immediately.

New weapon, repic rarity:

Flame weapon “Greek Sun”

Damage Mass Durability Ammo Energy consume Attack range Rate of fire Size and model Oil quantity to craft one
Equal to Draco 646 450 90 3 1.Close 2.75m 1.Slow 2.Very fast 3x3x6 With an open end 2500, Wires not requires

Limited turn angle
Can be placed only side-facing

Special effect:
The weapon is heavily resistant against energy and flame attack (90% energy and 90% fire); the heating of the weapon (from any source) occurs 90% slower.

Also, this weapon has two fire modes.

BackstoryNot stopping with Immolator, Firestarters were determined to crush every opponent on the battlefield. Using salvaged Ravager technology they managed to improve their already deadly flamethrowers and made them resistant to the fire itself. Their latest creation is the manifestation of the Sun, burning everything on its way

Greek Sun acts like a Draco flamethrower but has two firing modes. First one acts like a middle-ranged grenade launcher, second is a flamethrower. In first mode the weapon throws a combustible oil bomb that explodes into the burning oil puddle after 3 seconds or if it hits any obstacle. Second mode requires charging. When fully charged the weapon attacks the enemy with both oil and fire streams, which makes the opponent burn even after the attack has been stopped. With its fire and energy resistances it also has 90% resistance to melee and ram and 200% bonus to ram damage. The flamethrower mode attack deals both fire and burning oil damage and the latter type of damage lasts for 3 seconds during and after Greek Sun attack has been stopped.

Burning oil effect:

Any oil puddle or spill can be ignited by any fire/laser/heated plasma damage (flamethrowers, Mandrake, Aurora, Trigger, Destructor, Athena, Blockchain, burning oil). Ignited oil immediately cancels all its effects; instead it deals damage. burning oil puddles deal half the Incinerator damage. Burning oil spills (on vehicles) deal 80 damage per second to the part they are affecting. Every burning oil effect lasts for 3 seconds but the duration is continued if the new oil effects are touching the burning oil.

New module, epic rarily:

Lubricating and injecting system module “Greasy monkey”

Mass Durability Energy consume Size and model Oil quantity to craft one
170 145 1 2x1x5 With nodes 500

Nodes covering 6 pins at its top end (2-pin sides and the tip)
Must be welded directly onto the cabin (nodes on cabin)

Special effect:
Increases cabin speed by 10 km/h but decreases cabin power by 10%. Increases speed cap of all movement parts on a vehicle by 5 km/h.

BackstoryThe history won’t know the name of that reckless Nomad who were crazy enough to even join Lunatics but all his craziness he poured into his car. Re-discovering the oil potential became his obsessive idea. Sometimes, those ideas ends with a big bang. That one ended with a new banger.

Greasy monkey acts like a trade-off module. Pretty much it. Fragile and required to be put onto the cabin but small and light enough to hide.