New rewards decor recycling


5 legendary used = 1 coupons for raid

Don’t do that anymore the risk is too hight


i will only recycle common stuff like headlights , if i get crap its not a big deal , but more often then not i get epic items like the small speakers or bigfoot spares

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I only recycle the stuff like that stupid matress paint I got like 6 cans of that I couldn’t sell. Usually get cool stuff. Can’t be unlucky at everything

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Its fun to recycle relic and legendary paint and CKs because they don’t cost you anything. I just gradually accumulate paint from various places then take a few rolls on the recycler now and again.

Recycling unwanted decor is a different matter. Legendary decor is a main source of electronics and epic decor is a good source of plastic and wires. They are way too valuable to gamble on decor. I would only spend decor on decor if I was guaranteed an ultra rare piece, like the Damage Counter, Fireworks or Curacha horn.


I never recycle anything. I did it a few times a long time ago. So long ago I don’t remember what I got.

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Neat, but it’s not worth it. I did try it 4 times since I had a bunch of white items I do not need and extra resources, and got coupons on all tries, and their “put rarer items into it for better chances at cool stuff” is just a load of baloney in my opinion just to get you to gamble away your items so you are once again forced to throw actual money into the game

Simply put too many useless fodder items that make recycling as a whole unappealing

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I don’t use the recycle function because it’s gambling and gambling on this game is skew towards the player getting shafted, same with why I don’t open crates apart from the ones you get from BP’s and events.


Ooops. I guess I should have read this before I wasted that stuff on recycling. I probably should have known better, but I also had a lot of duplicate stuff and thought, what the heck. With the three rolls I made, I got a Joker horn, some unremarkable range decor, and a stabilizer. For some reason, I still want to try it again. That’s pretty dumb, eh? Maybe, another stabilizer will teach me the lesson I’m not learning.

At least you got a rare item out of it. Imagine paying big coins and getting nothing. Unless you already have the Comedian’s horn. In that case its kind of a bust.


Hook, line and sinker.

The Crafting Bench coupon ended up curing my curiosity about that feature. I’m over it now. Lesson learned.


150 engineers badges for me :poop:


lucky man ! Better you didnt see my face when i did get just one !!!

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