New rotors coming

I didn’t want to buy the packs, I just wanted to have the rotors. I played around 2 games and that’s all it took for the prices to halve themselves. And I very quickly discovered that losing the tail rotor is catastrophic (and more realistic)

LOL yeah I found that out as well! It would be kind of cool when that happens and you are in a flat spin an alarm would go off and when it contacts the ground depending on how hard of an impact . The remaining of the build explodes. Too much maybe? Just a thought.

Alarm would be cool, hitting the ground and dying, not so much.

Some heli builds are built to be multi-purpose (air/ground), and that would be gone if impact = death.

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I failed to remember that aspect. Very good point. Thank you for bringing this up. I left out auto rotation that 1:1 helicopters have as a safety feature in case of a power loss. :sunglasses:
*Late entry: The sound that works perfectly is already in game. It is the warning beeper sounding when you are in the Acid pond on the factory map.