New rotors coming

Just noticed these on the market. Looks like they haven’t been added yet, but are coming soon.

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JBRider did a video on them, he said they might come out in a minipass.

Yay more paywall content that gets inbred in crafting recipes like everything else thats been added. Thats why this is a dead game outside RU and AS.

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That would just be sad.

Have they ever introduced new parts in a mini-pass before?
I’m thinking maybe a new pack.

where’d the heather come from?

That was in a main BP, because I have one.

With essential parts like that they should at least add a part or two to the main factions that ain’t locked behind a paywall. Would it hurt for them to add a scattered part once every blue moon to the main factions.


Its not going to be in Mini Pass, Its going to be another vehicle you can buy in the store. There trying to do away with all the old vehicles in the store and put new stuff in there.

It will be a Heli you can buy first heli in the shop.
Yes you can still get them parts threw market place once people own them. Or you can probably buy cheap version of there pack mid grade and then the expensive one. Like they do when they add new car pack to the store.

No they have not.

In other hand they have had event game modes going on that uses a mini pass / event pass that has vehicles in it. Like the Mister Twister (Twisted Metal) event that happened that had the Bloody Carriage vehicle, But it was only a phase they went threw Crossout goes threw phases trying new stuff all the time and changing there model.
Another example of a changing game model is the battle passes with the workpieces blueprints you have in storage you can use with limited crafts.

Only time will tell though before they change there work game model of Crossout once again.
They must be making good money on this new mini pass game model though is why it just keeps going and going like energiser bunny, but sure it will change again.


I foresee a new pack also. An expensive one at that I would imagine. If so I will only able to get the parts from the markets. For those of us whom wish to own them, It’s just like dangling raw meat in front of a starving dog. :drooling_face: Looking forward to the tail rotor .

I think you are right. They usually release a pack partway through a BP, so this is probably the one for this season.

The BP model is on the decline in the rest of the industry, but I think they’ve probably been a lot more profitable for Crossout than packs ever were. Packs have always been too expensive for what you get, and have a much smaller potential market than the relatively affordable BPs. And buying levels still gives them a way to milk the whales.

They have priced them out of my budget. I have purchased quite a few packs over the years. Now they have more added with them bringing the value up. However not everyone see’s a $75 virtual property item and drops the coin for it. The worlds economy is trashed bringing the affordability of entertainment items into question.

Has the pack price actually gone up faster than the rate of inflation?
They always seemed expensive to me.

That’s hard to say as there’s now 3 types of every pack for the most part: Deluxe, Normal, and Lite.


When did that get introduced? And before there were different levels, what was the default price?

I don’t remember there being an actual default cost but there were different common values mostly based around what rarities the pack included and how far it moved the part limit up.

Deluxe and lite came out right around when they did the extra garages.

Was that before the first Founders season?

The pack is out, its $29.99 same for standard pack. They like the $29.99 USD range.

Lite is been $13.99

Deluxe this time is $64.99

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The new rotors give helicopters a whole new experience. One thing for sure it gives art builders more to work with. Loose the tail rotor while using the maple, you spiral down out of control. Something to think about when building the tail unit. I am happy the light version is available! Gives an affordable opportunity for the entry level enthusiast. Thank you to whom is responsible for that!