New season is a scam or bug?

THIS NEW SEASON have showed 149 level with reward and +15 lighter every level after level 149.
witout conisdered level from 150 or more, if you do battle pass and do all mission in theory a player must be able to build 2 leggendary weapon fused and have some lighter more.
but if you do the count, only with the pass nobody can craft 2 leggendary weapon with lighter.
for have one fused set of leggendary weapon (2 weapon) you must but a special pass 30 and more euro.
somebody can confirm or explain this ? is a bug and seaso must be more then actualy ?

from internet:
"so… Geozid and I took the time to calculate the whole event fuss down to the last detail.
Procedure: Weekly tasks and additional tasks result in 90 levels !!!
the daily tasks 1500 points (125+200+325+375+475) i.e. if you play EVERY DAY and don’t miss the daily ones you will get to 37.8 additional levels → around 37 levels.

72 weekly tasks of 4000 equals 288 000
36 additional problems of 4500 equals 162 000
126 daily tasks of 1,500 equals 189,000
Total: 639000 points
So 1 “free lvl” when you buy the BP 128.8 lvl and a little something they “give” you to get to 129, if at all.
Ergo, if you play EVERYTHING and you still get fucked every day…

i.e. 1100 lighters. ==> NO “orange set”

to buy at lvl 130 (200 extra lighters) for 30 crosscrones per level at 2.99€
The wankers have thus increased the price of the package by 29.9% through the back door if you want a set !!!
Money greedy assholes!!!"


Sadly, this is not a bug.

This is as they intended it.
You have to spend more to get more.

If you spend $10 - you make it this fair
But if you spend X amount of $ you can make it infinitely.

It’s the “Free” business model.

in every pased seaso you can arrive to craft 2 fused leggendary item, after if you whant more you must spent more. why this time a player cant arrive to craft 2 leggendary like in last season for example ?

Not every season, this kind of crafting items in seasons with lighters is pretty new.

Also, just because they did something before does not mean they will do it again.

If you don’t think $10 is worth a fused legendary engine, cabin, 2 weapons, 4 epic spider legs and more…. Then I don’t know what to say.

Is it what it was last time? No

But I would argue that this Battle Pass has better items then last one.

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the problem is that developer not understand that if the game lose money is becouse they continue to ruin crossout (whell have zero grip, hover have excessive tilt, all cabin is become slow, now they have limited a radar one radar (why i cant have a backup if iot count like any other part in total used part ? ) this new stupid idea of penetration for give a gift to limited player that cant or dont whant to learn to build and cant learn to do something more then press W and fire ecc
if developer continue to do stupid update, the game finish like robocraft, they can raise the price all time that they whant but they continue to earn less every single update.

put the game back to orginal game whwere is required tactics and to spent some week to craft a single build. the game has become top for this reason and for one reason the game lose player that spent money every pass and everytime

i hope that they understand the difference between kongregate flash palyer and a serios game :frowning:

I hope they understand that this patch might need a few tweaks, but for the most part people are happy with many of the changes.

We did take a few steps backwards, but we took way more steps forward.

It’s always going to keep changing, and the builds will evolve, and people will adapt, and a few weeks from now it will be all different again.

That’s the only thing about Crossout that keeps me interested.

Get into the garage and start building. More real armor on the cabin is key. You need to at least be able to tank a few double scorpion shots.

If I were a developer and I saw the majority of players making claims like yours, I wouldn’t allow new seasons in the game anymore because the nature of seasons is to entice players to buy them at great value for money, and if they’re still not satisfied, then there’s no need for it to be there

im missing where its a scam , they tell you how many challenges you have in queue now ,they give all this cool fused gear and let you choose at least 1 legendary for just $10

maybe some people just need a reason to be upset :man_shrugging:


It’s not, it’s just :llama: being dramatic

Say it louder the people in the back didn’t hear you!

every season give the possibility to crafgt 2 leggendary upgraded weapon and have less level showed (normaly you can arive circa 110 level in every season.
this season show a lot of level after normal 110° on 75 level showed one by one (thuis means circa 40 level after level marked by +) but in this seaso you canìt reach level 129 but is 129 on 149 showed. this measn 20 level less the normal season and this force a player to buy minimum 2 pass for 30 euro circa eachone (total 60 and more euro) for do what normaly you can do with 10 euro if you play every day, avery mission.
2° in this season you can’t craft a set of leggendary weapon but the developer have showed a lot of level more then normal and in this way a lot of people have thinked that this season gan give the possibility to arrive more hight in level then normal season, but this isn’t true, in this season you can arrive more less the normal season. the player in this way is triked to buy e normal pass and at last when they realize that cant craft a set of weapon they is obblied to spent minimum 30 euro or what is it the cost
if the developer whant to be onest they must write, with normal 10 euro pass you can arrive to this point, if you whant to go over you must buy a special pass for more euro ( we speak abouth morte the 60 euro)