New servers added for PS

Noticed today that a bunch of servers were added for Playstation.

We used to have 2 in Russia, 2 in Netherlands and 2 in US.

They added 5 in Netherland,1 in Australia and 1 in Japan.

From 2 to 7 in EU is a lot, anyone knows why?

Screenshot_20220426-170456_PS App


I suspect it might have to do with geopolitics and ru internet closing itself to/from the outside world.

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I think it’s to cut down on lag and spread the load out. EU players seem to complain about lag more than any other group.

As always I experience pretty much zero lag in good old maple syrup county.


Preparing to add Xbox gamers to our lobbies.

(Fingers crossed)


I hope for crossplay, never seen bots in mayhem before, but I see them now, that tells everything.

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Probably both politics and improving gameplay.

These servers aren’t OWNED by the devs. They’re just renting space from service providers. That’s good news as far as the outlook for the game goes. Clearly they think they’ll make up money on a month to month basis to compensate for the recurring costs.

For all the whining about this being a “dead game,” clearly someone in the accounting office disagrees.

A dead game doesn’t mean a game that makes no money. When you sell packs with 1 or 2 new 3d models for 65€, you don’t need that many players.

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