New Support Weapon Ideas

I always felt like the game developers have always just pushed more and more “Damage” based weapons into the game without any thought of weapons to support other players.

We already have “Shields” and “Traps”, so this thread is not really for ideas that freeze/stop people or block damage. This thread would be about “new” support weapon ideas.

I’ll start with an old idea I posted a loooooooooong time ago for fire fighter parts in the game. (The below idea is very different, but the Fire Hose part is the same)

Fire Hose:
This “weapon” would not do any damage to “players” at all. It would be a multi-purpose support water cannon.

The water beam would have a mid range arch pattern when fired.

It would destroy drones, mines, and turrets, because the water would “short circuit” their electronics. (Maybe for porcs it could push the barrels away with the water beam?? Or should they just be destroyed too??)

When it hits a player (friendly or enemy) it would cool weapon systems and make reload weapons reload faster and cooldown weapons would heat up slower. It would also put out the fire on the cabin and “slowly” heal the cabin. (It would not heal parts)

When hitting a car that has “Fire” based weapons it would reduce those weapons damage. (Even if it was a friendly player)

You could also put out fire puddles.

I know the idea needs a lot of work, but I feel like this game needs new and “Fun” ideas instead of the same old thing in a different package and rarity.


I kind of feel like this has been suggested before though without the “short circuit effect”… I don’t think this effect would work as it’s really easy to waterproof electronics to a degree. Even something simple like beeswax works as well as some lacquers…

Most of the other stuff I don’t mind at all. Even impulse effects on the drones, mines, and others would be fine.

Nice topic roughmonkey.:+1:


i agree, more fun stuff ,please.



i like it :rofl:

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Regarding the water hose, I think it should be a zero damage high impulse gun, destroying missiles, mines, maybe drones too.

I don’t agree with cooling down weapons. I think being sprayed by high-pressure water never helped any gun to cycle, ever. Cool idea tho, would def like to see it.

True, but it has to be worth playing. Not sure it needs that part, but fun and real can sometimes be two different things.

I’m not sure how it should be to be balanced so it is fun and worth playing, but I have always liked the idea of a water cannon.

This would be super fun I think. How many points energy points would this thing use? 3 or 4 maybe so it can be added with some other weapons?

OR maybe even better a 9 or 12 energy monster water cannon with the power to push cars.

if it’s 3 energy and enough to push people, people will put 4 on a car and hovers will hit 300 kmh before exploding on wallls lol. If it’s 12… Then it’ll probably never be played.

… Yeah, maybe high impulse isn’t that practical. I’d like to be able to push back porcs and fortunes tho, so a high impulse, no damage gun would be could. There’d need to be some work on the perk or mechanics to prevent terriblethings to happen.

Other interesting pieces of vehicular firefighting I found since I joined here:

2 jet engines, blowing water at very high speed. A shotgun, high-powered alternative to water hoses?


Firefighting tank, with high-pressure sprinklers. I believe a legendary heavy cab like this could be the simplest way to introduce a way to counteract fire puddles and heat (just give it an active that extinguishes fires and cancels heat in a radius), while also giving a solid option to tank flamers (some fire resist?).


Yes, that’s a firefighting Katyusha. I don’t even know what to say about that and have no idea why someone thought it was necessary (^%

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Holy cow, that thing is awesome!

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If it was a cab feature that would also be awesome.

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