New Tech: Legendary “Catalina”

Legendary Cabin:
Similar perks to the Catalina but instead of damage exchange with explosion radius.

Why? Catalina wasn’t even needed.


This is what I’d rather have an explosion radius perk that only raises based on the distance shots landed via certain challenging distances. The perk can go up and down based on the number of shots landed via + or - 1 portion.

I really don’t want more of the garbage perks in the game. If you want a bonus you should have to work for it or it should come with a near equal starting disability, be it rarity or dmg decrease…

Due to how they remade missiles we can’t go as low as explosion radius 0 but if you want to do something similar to cat pull the dmg radius back by a portion before they earn past it and don’t make it perm like the Catalina cab.

One of the big issues with the Cat cab is that the bonus can be ranked up and then spammed regardless if your hitting stuff.

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Explosion radius is one of the most powerful stats in game. They nerfed it because it got out of hand.
I am not sure they would want to add it back in at this point with the changes to penetration.