New temporary mission — “squad battle (storm)”!


It’s time for another new PvP mission — “Squad battle (Storm)”. The mode is similar to the familiar “Squad battle”, but, in a raging storm, all the usual circumstances can change!

Attention! The mission will be available from May 15 to May 24 inclusive (until 23:59 GMT on May 24). This is a temporary PvP mode where you will get a chance to try out a different battle format. Its future will largely depend on your feedback and suggestions. Please share your impressions with us in the discussion and take part in the in-game survey (will be available some time after the launch of the mission).
In the future, other missions with unusual formats and rules may be launched in Crossout.

Squad battle (Storm)

  • Three teams of three survivors participate in the mission at the same time (it’s possible to change the maximum number of people in a team, if necessary).
  • You can participate in the “Squad battle” missions as part of a group (up to 3 players).
  • The objective is to destroy two enemy teams before the time allotted for the battle expires.
  • Some time after the start of the battle, a storm begins, which will gradually spread over a larger and larger area of the location and reduce the space for maneuvering.
  • The team that destroys all enemies (or whose participant survives the longest) wins.

Scrap metal is issued as a reward in this mode. In the future, if the mode is included in the permanent mission rotation, the reward may be changed.

So this time round, we can either take potshots at the other two clashing teams, or be in one of those two, and be shot in the back by the third team… but in a storm! Oooh! This is so much better and funner!

I tried it once today, and kind of enjoyed it.
Each team had two bots and one human, which I assume is because it’s Monday morning. I didn’t mind the heavy bot presence, as they’re more predictable teammates than humans.
I kind of hope the mode catches on, so that I can play it without long queue times.

Edit: did I have two bots per team because I was playing solo? Not sure if I’m reading the description correctly.

first match…
my thoughts so far… :crazy_face:

bots.they get stuck and die when the storm comes in. reprogram them.
i don’t mind the 1 human player on each team…it’s different and i like different…
so i hope it stays with 1 human player on each team…i’m kinda diggin it! :rofl:

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3rd match…don’t like other humans on my team…let’s stick with bots…
‘the fun is gone’…

I have played some games, my experience is to avoid fighting with the opponent, the most likely to win, but sometimes, my teammates against the other team eventually lost, but the remaining team almost unscathed, this game is doomed to failure

In fact, the situation has barely improved, only adding bots to make queuing and matches faster, but people should still not like this mode much compared to regular pvp

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I played some tonight.

It’s makes me miss Storm Warning :slight_smile:

I would not mind this sprinkled into PvP.
I don’t want it ever match, but it’s a good change of pace.

PvP missions are just a resource grind anyways and it gets old fast.