* New temporary mission — “Squad battle”! 😋

New temporary mission — “Squad battle”!


Today we are launching a new PvP mission “Squad battle”, which is going to change the usual situation on the battlefield.

Attention! The mission will be available from April 11 to April 19 inclusive (until 23:59 GMT on April 19). This is a temporary PvP mode where you will get a chance to try out a different battle format. Its future will largely depend on your feedback and suggestions. Please share your impressions with us in the discussion and take part in the in-game survey (will be available some time after the launch of the mission).
In the future, other missions with unusual formats and rules may be launched in Crossout.

Squad battle

  • Three teams of three survivors participate in the mission at the same time (it’s possible to change the maximum number of people in a team, if necessary).
  • You can participate in the “Squad battle” missions as part of a group (up to 3 players).
  • The objective is to destroy two enemy teams before the time allotted for the battle expires.
  • If the winner is not determined within the allotted time, a neutral base is activated, which must be captured. In this case, the team that captures the base or destroys all opponents wins.
  • Scrap metal is issued as a reward in this mode. In the future, if the mode is included in the permanent mission rotation, the reward may be changed.

Well we did say we wanted more mission modes, but this wasn’t what I was imagining.

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PS 16000 against ps 8000 or less, nope I don’t play this mode anymore when no balance matchmaking.


just see if the other teams are fighting eachother and wait for the cap to unlock…
here’s the first mm i got and the second is 10k and less.but we won lol…
best part of this,the matches are fast…

Hmmm, I gave this mode a try and there are obv points that need to be balanced. Especially the match-making himself. But I’m not sure who is the group of players which here is aimed for!? For me it’s a bit of a gambling mode, because normally you can’t push and destroy one team will the other one is waiting for you with your damaged team …

Here you can see my first impression and some ridiculous win situations ^^

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For years, I’ve been asking for a PvP mode with delayed capping, so that cowards wouldn’t run away from the fight in the first seconds. This mode is far from what I had in mind, but it’s a start.

Three teams results in one of them taking potshots from a safe distance, which feels dishonorable, cheap. I didn’t build a fully upgraded Clarinet car to shoot someone in the back while they’re busy fighting off another team. Probably not playing this again.
Then there’s the 8-second capping…

heavy on the nope with this one

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This is an obvious fail in the core. No way to fix this.
It is not possible to balance out a 3-side competition.
The last attacker or the most passive team will have an obvious advantage in this mode.

Single team rewarded for doing nothing and 66% of combatants unsatisfied with utter unfairness of the outcome - is the only thing this mode delivers.
It is s a borderline game design mistake. And very straight math mistake - in comparison to regular random or clan battle - this mode degrades from 50% player satisfaction to 33% player satisfaction.

We seem to be unlucky ones to ask game developers to not ruin their game with rough statistic mistakes. But seems they wanted their players to say obvious things and so they get it.

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they just want your input on this mode…that’s all.
i don’t mind the ps in 3 different teams…you get what you get…
the cap goes so fast so don’t blink…
why is everyone so toxic?
(it’s not about balance or ps match making…it’s about F_U_N… or did you all forget about that??)
:crazy_face: :rofl:


It’s 2023, that’s the new it thing!

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here is my feedback after some games , solo and full team , full cw builds :
pro tips for who would be retarded enough to play the event :
-1 don t attack a team , or you lose.
-2 don t get attacked or you lose
-3 Move to central cap within 20 sec of end of timer or you lose
-4 face spiders , you lose -5 make sure to enjoy this game mode as much as it deserves to be.
-5 play solo : well at this point if yo ure stupid enough to play this game outside of a full team you re beyond redemption anyways , hence i doubt you can even read it.

i m not playing this shit ever again.

ah and forgot to add : just to be sure the game mode is pointless , reward is scrap…
GG overall !
Litterally shit in every concievable aspect.
If we want to cap scrap we have clan wars ,thanks.

Played 2 matches of this and got stomped by stacked, tryhard, wallet warrior, clan war teams both times.
I’ll pass.
Bring back the old ranked 4v4, that was actually fun.

This is Gaijin/Targem! What did you expect to get? … Uranium

anything else than a cap-prone ressource , or remove said cap for this particular event .
nothing to complain about the plastic reward events , even wires in a way.

I do not disagree with you, I was saying don’t expect anything but scrap from Gaijin, because I guess they didn’t think about how people be more inclined to play this mode if the resource wasn’t scrap



When I heard it was 3 players per team I was surprised it wasn’t able to auto scale up to 5 teams at the same time.

I was curious about the mode, but queue time was way too long so I gave up.
I’m used to getting a match in a few seconds, not several minutes.

They seem to have that problem often with side modes and brawls.