New to forum; items storage question

Hey, i was wondering if there’s any chance the storage space (currently capped at 1000) would be increased.
Also, are any officials of the game reading this forum, or how can I ask this question officially, hoping for an answer as well?

Thanks in advance!

Many have asked about storage space over the years and they have never increased it. So good luck on that one.

To answer your other question. The dev team no longer views any English forums, social, anything since the start of the war in Ukraine.

They do have few community managers that pop their head in now and then, but they are not developers. That’s about as close as your going to get.

Russian social media “was” the best way to talk to them. But a few days ago the VK app was removed from the Apple store, so for now only android users have access to that. You will also need to know Russian :slight_smile: lol

Thanks a lot for your effort, bro. I wish people at work would give answers this good and exhaustive.
You clarified everything for me, now.

Oh well, i ll have to decide if i quit for good or battle my OCD collector spirit and start selling stuff in order to make room for other stuff :frowning:

I have a second solution to your OCD.

You do not need the item to collect it.

Basically your guide tab is your collection. It shows proof of everything you have ever owned without having a bunch of junk pilled up.

Anything I do not use I sell.

So I have a collection (my guide) and the coins at the same time.

Hahaa, thanks. That Guide is indeed like you say.

The “problem” is with all the decor in my case. I am not a competitive sweaty player at all, rather the most casual unfocused dude :slight_smile: What hooked me really bad into Crossout is the building system and the possibilities it offers. Thus, i aimed and achieved to have all structural parts and (almost) all decor and paints, in order to be able to build anything i imagine. I don t even have all the weapons, but i find it hard to sell any cosmetics (i d say about 700-800 items are decor in my case). And another thing is the market situation. Since they introcduced market corridors, every time i check the market there are more and more items simply unavailable. How could i sell stuff knowing there s a great change i wont get it back when needed? Anyway, thanks for your time and care to answer!

PS: now i realised i d be happy if they simply made all the decor not take storage space