New toys need in this game

I’d like to see everyone suffer smore… Can we tease the devs into girl kokies? Snack Junkie (Tones & I Parody) | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week - YouTube lol …

U want me to share drone build mvp vids? LoL…

Drones are just too easy amd mindless to use. Buffimg them will do this game no good. Leave them in the dirt where they are. And your saying excluding all the copter drones? Lol…thats half the drones…

Its automated aim amd you get the advantage of being able to focus on driving more. You want easy mode to be easier? Naaaaaaah.

Seriously? You think its easier to aim a weapon than have an ai do it all for you? Your denial runs deep.

Dont take it personally dude. My comments on drones are not comments about you. Unless you ARE drones.

Face the facts. Drones are easy to use. If someone has crippled hands they play drones or lances in crossout. There are a few here who play the game that have that situation.

If they’re easy to use, prove it to me. Use them, then show me the MVP videos. Do it & you win the debate, obviously.

They’re only easy to use POORLY.

As for point gun at target and fire, I could post a couple of videos a day of me doing that with SLEDGEHAMMERS.

The ball’s in your court. Your username on the video… let’s go! :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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when you came here a couple of weeks ago you mentioned something about not playing ai doodoo that often all the time, only sometimes mostly.

then when the copter thing started you were mad with joy about it, using pyres ofc. endless smiley emojis ensued and talks about salt etc.

and now this poor attempt at an argument. ai weapons are easy to use but limited by generally weak stats. i know you must be dreaming of deleting builds with 0 brain activity required like it was a thing here and there, e.g. frame cauc, frame wheeled drones, grenadiers, annihilators.

but you cant have it all the time, only sometimes for some weeks or a month and for 10 or 40 bucks.

so until then, learn how to play the game yourself. if driving a drone mobile is hard labour for your noggings you must be dumb, adapt overcome yadada. ah yeah, almost forgot, salt from noob drone players, soo tasty.

The traditional wheeled drones and copter drones are just so weak right now (at least they are on console, as I think we still have that extra drone nerf).
Turrets aren’t particularly strong, but because you control where they’re dropped, it’s more like playing an area denial weapon, and you can be a lot more strategic.
Yaoguai and Vulture are more like playing incinerators or mandrakes, but not as devastating. I like playing them a lot, and they seem relatively popular on PS4, at least compared to other drones. Being able to aim your attack makes them a lot more engaging to play.
Fuse drones are their own thing, and are fun to play, but difficult to score well with. I’ve seen a couple people playing them with kapkans, in a style similar to how people play Kings/Kapkans.
I don’t see annihilators much, but I remember them being fun to play because of the aiming mechanic, which makes me optimistic about how this new drone cabin will work. Might be good to pair an annihilator with some normal drones, and then target all of them on someone at the same time.

There are lots of weapons that are difficult to get MVPs with, but relatively easy to score the bare minimum. I don’t think that makes those weapons no-brain or no-skill, especially if the player is actually trying to score well with them and succeeding. Is running drones really that much less skilled than any spray-and-pray weapon? Honestly, drone builds require more focus from me than miniguns.

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Can you translate that to English so I can reply?

That’s kinda’ the point I was trying to make.

I can get MVP with miniguns, autocannons, machine guns and shot guns all day long (I suck with cannons, but that’s not the cannons’ fault). It doesn’t take much of my attention. I’ll play those matches reclined with my feet up.

If I need to do well with drones, I have to be tuned in 100%.

The copter brawl is a different story, though… I can get MVP pretty regularly with helicopter drones/pyres/caucuses half asleep & barely paying attention in that mode.

yea, add more op obnoxious robotic weapons like drones to win while not having to do anything and just sit back and watch everyone in the enemy team be annoyed

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I’m going to invite you to do what I invited others to do. If they’re so easy to play, please prove it by posting a video of your getting MVP with drones… Or even just doing well in a couple of matches.

They’re easy to play POORLY. To play them effectively is a completely different thing.

Like with pyres, I get the distinct impression the people complaining about them have never played them enough to know what it takes to get good.

So, we await your video with pregnant anticipation. :wink:


Pyres are homing missiles, drones are fully autonomous, take no skill and the only action you need to take to play them is just hide or run around. Also, playing guided missiles seems really easy, just dont overshoot and take good angles, certainly not more difficult than any other weapon in the game. Except for drones of course

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Laughs in the key of Parsers and Destructors

Caucasus builds were never able to compete against the best teams. Never

We’ve been through this before, here.

If they’re so easy to use, please share a video of you getting MVP repeatedly with the weapons you say are easy to use.

They’re easy to use POORLY.

To be good with them - especially drones - requires more attention to what’s going on in the game than pretty much any other weapon.

We await your video(s) with baited breath… when they’re here, I’ll happily stand corrected, then use your videos to figure out how to make them as OP as my fused sledgehammers.

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Sorry dude but you are in a small minority on this one. Most of the population realizes drones are lazy mode. You can play most drones one handed on a controller and do just fine. Like ive said before there are several players that use drones or lances because that is their situation. They have only one hand to play or are missing fingers on both uands or blahblahblah. Anyways those guys are here because crossout gives them a playstyle they can actually use with theie physical disadvantage.

Im not tryong to mock or insult ya. Im being real. These are facts. People have shared their situations like these on forums here.

And no. Im not going to make a drone build and make a video for you showing me getting mvps. Who cares.

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Well, you did respond.

i am not buying drones in a game just to make a pointless video demonstrating “autonomous drones being hard to play”. i dont know what really makes you think that drones are in any way hard to use, or what for you would need to pay any attention to whats going on. you press one button and run around. there is simply nothing more to it, drones are easy to play, and just simply annoying to all players. to your teammates, because youre a useless team member, and to your enemies because drones are just annoying. theyre pretty easy to kill unless youre using cannons and do barely any damage at higher tier.

“We await your video(s) with baited breath… when they’re here, I’ll happily stand corrected, then use your videos to figure out how to make them as OP as my fused sledgehammers.”

did we at any point say that drones are op? theyre lazy and useless.


Drones in today is hard to play. Specially those drone is ultra hard to play what doing explosion damage.

In past. Year 2018 all drones is quite strong. After that TOO many drone nerfs coming after 2018 and making almoust all drones to useless. Console side have extra nerf even. -20% to drone dmg.
Console nerf NEED remove and give more love AI weapons.

There is so manyways how you can counter drones. Drones have MOST counters in this game.


Annoying is not balance factor.

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It’s funny to read the whining about parts the whiners:

  1. Do not use (by their own admissions)
  2. Do not own (by their own admissions)

Yet, they’re experts on these parts enough to constantly correct people who do

  1. Use the parts
  2. Own the parts

Be they drones, hovers or others, it’s hard to take these arguments seriously. put up or shut up as they say. :wink:

Strangely, the weapons I think are OP and rather easy to use are rarely mentioned. Whatever. I’m not about to start whining about it, though. Imma stick to asking whiners to prove their points.

Haven’t seen it yet, but I have high hopes. I’m an optimist like that. :hugs:

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i dont own drones, i dont play drones, and would you like to know the reason behind that? its because drones are boring, annoying and most of all completely skillless. you cant act like they are hard to play, theyre… literally autonomous lmao, your only purpose then is run around, ram people or just hide. is that considered skillful?

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drones may be bad, okay, does that make them in any way whatsoever skillful? no it definitely doesnt. *also, annoying 100% is a balance factor. literally anything and everything about a weapon or part is a balance factor.

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