New tracks

This is unreasonable, it has a higher PS than harden tracks

In addition, the track is asymmetrical, and it should be able to be positioned forward or backward like a bigram

The ground clearance on those things makes them the best thing in the battle pass for me. Just…yes to that. Im getting a set.


I see, its height above the ground gives it a high PS

I thought this was the biggest no-brainer part in the battle pass. It’s fast, has good durability, lifts your rig up pretty high so under building will be easy… goes to show you can’t please everybody I guess.


Nothing is wrong with these tracks, you’re just being nitpicky and a debby downer for no reason

Especially nowadays with all the whiners, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about a cheese shortage in 2023


So why is the meat grinder big only 360ps, while this one, which is smaller than the meat grinder, has 370ps

When you use this track, you need at least four, and this PS is already higher than the PS of six hovers

Because this one has fire resistance and a higher top speed

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Fire resistance is just an ability that makes you look at it, and it’s almost useless

Heavens, child… all this complaining about the PS of some tracks? Really?
Are you just bored? Trolling us? Surely you’re not actually angry about this… surely.



I think something happened IRL to this being and now it’s taking it out on the innocent tracks, such a bully!

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I’m a serious person, I don’t think it’s reasonable, if you think it’s okay, please give me a suitable reason to convince me

I see it sorting on the tech tree, speed from fast to slow, ps from low to high, but it’s a special case, why?


What? You lost me there.
Why would fire resistance not be a good thing? I know I’ve been hoping for that for my tracked builds for years. Do you have some other secret way to survive flamethrowers?

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The flamethrower is one of many weapons, in the game, maybe no one uses it in a game, and even if there is, he will not necessarily attack you, attack your tracks, and fire pit weapons, your tracks can resist these, what about your other parts?

Well, when I play flame weapons (including incinerators and mandrakes), I usually target the big slow builds, and track builds are especially vulnerable.
People have been asking for heat resistant tracks forever, so it’s definitely a feature that people who aren’t you want
Besides, if you want this type of track to be lower PS and symmetrical, what’s stopping you from using hardened tracks? Price will probably fall because of the new tracks, so pick some up cheap in a few weeks.


Don’t all fire weapons hit multiple parts of a vehicle? What is this “high fire resist” is about? Countering Draco and nothing else? Fire puddles say “harr-di-harr” to the track.

But it looks cool.

Should be only a small part of a huge faction instead of being ONLY movement part from them, but still… cool design.

Because the meat grinders suck and are the lowest priced epic movement part? Omnis cost about as much.

This comes way too late, but yes, people asking for fire resist on legs and tracks was specifically against Dracos and Firebugs so that tanks could actually tank instead of getting melted.

Too bad these come 6 months after the last dog died in silence while hoverbois won the “crying to devs” war.

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Weird, on PS4 augers have been expensive for a while. No idea why.
I like them myself, but they’re not very practical or popular.

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talking 'bout PS

I agree that they’re fine since the Omni/Auger change, but mostly for PvP due to their extremely low PS cost. 720 PS for a full set of epic movement parts is a good bargain. There’s no real practical way to go lower, considering trikes suck. They do feel flimsy for the size tho, and once again some fire resist would help with their whole melee shtick.

They’re mostly a 0 energy harvester for spiders tho. Still their best use.

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I think augers will always be one of my favourite movement parts, despite all their flaws.
Now that I think of it, augers should look pretty good with the new faction parts. And in real life they’ve been used in snow.