New unique movement part idea: undercabin legs

I’ve had this idea for this game for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how to voice it to the devs (not sure if this will work either but I’ve seen others do it).

My idea is a set of mech legs that go UNDER the frames instead of on the side like ML-200s. they fit around a frame and attach to the side but sling under it, like a U-shape with the frame fitting inside and the attachment points on either side. I was thinking it would fit a 6x4 (or smaller) frame inside. They would have a Steppenwolf aesthetic, look similar to the weapons/modules they have.

Durability - 1450 pts
Max. Chassis speed - 50 kph
Tonnage - 8500 kg
Weight - 2080 kg
Power score - 1500
Rarity - Legendary (The only legendary movement part!)
Craftable - only in special events/mini battle passes
Crafting costs - ML-200 x2, Executioner 88mm x2 Scrap metal x750, copper x500, electronics x500, wires x500, batteries x300.

What do you guys think?
Also, I have yet to come up with a name so what do you think they shout be called?

Note: I have edited the part’s durability to be much higher (almost twice as much) because this is intended to be the only movement part on the vehicle and having such low durability for such an easy to hit part would limit its usage. The part is rather large and very tall, about twice as much as other mechanical legs.


This sounds great! It would make grinding through a big build nearly impossible with melee.