New update may do good!


We remind you that the “Steel Gladiators” season will end this Thursday! After the end of the season, you will no longer be able to increase your level and open those battle pass cells that remained blocked. Daily and weekly season challenges will also be unavailable.

If you didn’t manage to reach the maximum level, there’s still time! Complete daily and accumulated weekly challenges and get all available rewards! You can also increase your current level in the event with a special pack “Battle pass level”, while a standard or elite battle pass will give access to all additional rewards you were able to unlock.

And we also got some news for all those who are looking forward to the new season. With this season, we plan to return to the format of the first five ones, that is, to extend both its duration and reward scale. This transition will require more time for development. We plan to share the first details closer to the anniversary of Crossout, so stay tuned!"

this was in a new “news” post but i feel like more people needed to know about it so i thought about posting it here, basically, they may bring the old season format back!!
there was other details from other sourcess that could be considered “less oficial” but the discussion of those is not allowed here.


Oh lowd, finally some good news. I’m glad to see their sales dro- I mean, them changing their minds on this. Will def put 10e in the upcoming BP (I skipped all the 50 lvls ones).

Good job Targem? Haven’t said that since ages, wow (^%