New Update — Summary

So… the new update.

Dronepocalypsis — good. Even better now, with new weapons and new Levis. Even even better now, with new rewards (and you don’t have to pay for them, too).

Cabins change — fine, although I had to made adjustment since my Hot Rod has lost max tonnage.

Leg change — good. Try to weld legs asymmetric and check how they position themselves. Something interesting for a change.

Waderkvarn stash — good on its own, since it helps new players get summators they couldn’t craft (those are the only ones I can craft from Founders BP, so for me it’s relatable).

New weapon — bad. I’ve seen a fella trying out set of Athenas in Lunatic raid. Aside from them: me with Stillwinds-Aurora, two fellas with mixed sets (one Retcher. One) and shanty-cars, so the competition was non-existent. Athenas are so bad they can’t even hit mid-range because of spread. Here’s the screenshot:

I’ll let you guess who was that unfortunate player with overpriced weapons. And we all know you have to have 20 pack weapons (and a heap of resources) to craft yourself a fused set of them. Terrible.

Sets for crotch-coins aren’t out yet, but since the only special thing they have is an inflatable Scorp — bad.

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The raid model is unbalanced, Athena is not well suited to raids, I feel Athena needs a new good looking model, the current look doesn’t fit in with the other energy weapons

It should be on par with Destructor set. In reality Athena is worse.

Size or appearance?


ive got my eyes on the avalanche , super cheap

It is energy-based and the “energy” part is there. There’s nothing else to ask for.



The battle pass is mostly recycled content.

I wish they would allow players to buy older battle passes and be able to complete them at anytime. I’d also make the blueprints permanent.


Credit goes to the forgotten hero of this forum. I forgot who originated that name; all I can say it was right before the update in which C-coins have arrived.

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