New updated changes coming SEP. 4th

The new changes coming to the game September 4th sounds like a perfect blend of old ways to earn “ENGINEER BADGES” and The new clan ways to earn “Engineer Badges”

Small Update 31.08.2023

^Link above to the update news^
Looks good.
Lots was frustrating such major change to the game for solo players and non-clan people and its so good Gaijin listens to the fans.

I feel this new system is a good system for both worlds Clan People & the Solo players or small groups.



I hope you’re right, but many here have already reviewed the update and are still not appeased. I’m just brushing it off for the moment.


True, I get that. But at least there doing changes. I dont really mind the new Clan Confrontation stuff just I don’t game with many my self. So a nice little balance for solo players and clan activities sounds good.

Mainly what I been wanting for ever is Cross-Platform play though. Console version of Crossout could use that extra boost in player base.


Solo badges farm was revoked entirely than return ~50% of it. It’s not perfect. It’s pathetic.



Daily challenges chain

  • Complete 20 daily challenges. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.
  • Complete 25 daily challenges. Reward: 200 Engineer badges.

Invasion and raids chain

  • Achieve 4 victories in any raid or in the “Invasion” mode. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • Win 5 battles in medium or hard raids or in “Invasion” mode. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.

Scrap metal missions chain

  • Win in “Get the scrap metal!” 5 times. Reward: 40 Engineer badges.
  • Win in “Get the scrap metal!” 10 times. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • Win in “Get the scrap metal!” 15 times. Reward: 60 Engineer badges.

Wires missions chain

  • Win in “Get the wires!” 5 times. Reward: 40 Engineer badges.
  • Win in “Get the wires!” 8 times. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • Win in “Get the wires!” 10 times. Reward: 60 Engineer badges.

Batteries missions chain

  • Win in “Get the batteries!” 5 times. Reward: 40 Engineer badges.
  • Win in “Get the batteries!” 8 times. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.
  • Win in “Get the batteries!” 10 times. Reward: 60 Engineer badges.

Other challenges

  • Dismantle or discard 5 parts of any rarity. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.
  • Earn 10000 effectiveness in brawls. Reward: 100 Engineer badges.

^that discard / dismantle challenge is kinda lame though.^

Yeah I get it its not like it use too… An I got mad about forcing the clan stuff too because I don’t have many active players all good friends but not active on Crossout…
It is a step though to something for both type of player Clan people and Solo.

I mean but that right above there shows 1200 Badges if I looked at that right.

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Yeah, it’s like 1200 for solo and over 3000 in a clan/band.

And yes, the dismantle challenge is lame.

I think I can live with this. It’ll suit me fine, but I’d like to see access to Confrontation Mode widened. I don’t like chasing it, and I won’t.

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No need to chase it.
You only need 5 games a week.

It takes about 10-20 min tops and your bound to run into a session at some point in the week unless you just have the worst of luck. (I guess some people always get dealt a bad hand - Karma maybe?)

Put on your game face and be serious for a few matches then call it a week.

5k points is super easy within 5 games - the max is somewhere around 12.5 - so to get 5k over 5 games you might need to help kill a few guys and die and thats about it.

To get higher scores it may take some people a little time to learn to play competitively OR you just get back in their and keep doing it.

One thing starting to suck is Cyclone builds taking over the clan confrontation. Flame builds are pretty bad but cyclones with that range and power I keep running into that stuff. I have some my self just not made a build yet with them was trying to challenge them with other types of builds and they win lots of battles if most the team runs Cyclones.

Maybe just not a good team too, I only run Clan Confrontations with 1 other and they seem to die before me and my clan mate… They race in or some horrible mistake like that, But still them Cyclones hurt it seems way more then other stuff.

Speedy Hover Lasers hurt lots too though. Also have some of them just need to work up a few new builds. I like building my own stuff.

They started buying reviews again to go with their update lmao. their Steam reviews went back into positive, but it’s full of 0.7h played, 55+ reviews accounts.

Wonderful company


people can ‘buy views and subs’ on youtube…if you can make money on anything,‘is it really a bad idea’ ? :crazy_face: :rofl:

My main motivation to return to play crossout everyday is the actual pvp playing/combat-action of the game. I enjoy this the most. It brings me what i need and everything else is extra.

I was curious what you guys are doing with these badges you need and seem to really care for? I just use em to sell those 2 crates you can buy. Is there something im missing that drives you guys to get mad about badges for. Its just a lil extra gold coin for me. What am i missing here? Is it the challenge?

Structure parts from missed BPs is a strong use, and I like them to exchange for crafting resources that could only otherwise be earned from modes I found undesirable to play. They also helped to cut back on the overall grind by trading them for resources.

I’ve heard the path to progress has been updated for new players, and rewards are meted out differently now, so IDK what it’s like for aces presently, but the badges used to be very relevant to new player progress. Veterans don’t care though.

Engineer Badges equals - Use it for resources, parts sometimes yes, containers for upgrading items or items I don’t have. But use it for making coin or making my vehicles better is what I use the Engineer Badges for.

Also I help new players out too, I have newer players in my clan and try to make it more enjoyable for the newer players that get bashed down by the long term Crossout players.

So its not so much about my badges its about the community of crossout. Also is why i push for Cross-Platform Play so much. Console is not the same as PC you play any low Powerscore battle on console you will find out its ran by clans 75% of the day running most powerful builds possible against people that are new players.
Have that Crossplay will in turn up the randomness of people ya play against. Not match after match clan people running the low powerscore game.

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Somebody on reddit asked what the significance of the word “Singularity” had, if any, in the naming of the Battle Pass and it’s update.

Perhaps the intention of all of these poorly received updates is to bring us towards the goal of cross-platform integration, and that is the meaning of “The Road to Singularity?”

Hoping that is where its coming too…

But yeah about the engineer badges too, Like it should be fair and fun for all players not just clan people and just felt the average solo player that wants to learn should enjoy getting rewarded also for there time spent in the game.

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If someone takes your house away but later on gives back just the dog house you’d be less than ecstatic, right? :slight_smile: Oh, I didn’t mention they gave your house to a billionaire who already has 5 mansions and 3 vacation cottages.

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Very true, I mean I totally understand they want to make the clans more exciting but don’t ruin it for the new guys too.

I am a console Crossout gamer and been playing it 6 Years or so , and the challenge then verses now is different. People are very familiar with the game now plus way more dangerous toys in Crossout.
That in the hands of vet players, New guys have hard time.

I have a few friends wanting to learn crossout but gets frustrated at the such high percent of clan vet ran matches.

You’re pretty good with the parables. That sounds about right to me. That was another sharp analogy, IMO.

I mean if they want to do such major changes to the game though why not just make a Crossout 2 or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that be way more expensive and development time. I guess.

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