New upgrade event

Is there a list of weapons that can be upgraded in the new event?

The live stream for it hasn’t gone up yet. There’s a few hours still.

OK ich dachte vielleicht gibt es schon eine Liste wo man die Waffen sieht die man Upgraden kann. Würde mir gerne die punisher Upgraden

Probably after everyone watches it a list will get compiled based on what they see. The Steam drops around 14 UTC so a bit after that.

So… Like… Welcome to the forum.

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Here you go. There isn’t anything that interests me in this event so I’ll probably be a seller. Most likely Yaoguai, Omni Wheels, Whirl and Hermits, whatever is in most demand.

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Omni price will drop down. The event chest has a sellable omni in it.

Those are on the upgrade table too though.

The event chest takes 3 days of grinding. It isn’t much better than just going out and working for it yourself.


The Xbox Omni market will not be satiated by two Omni wheels in a box that takes 3 days to grind for. Omnis on Xbox sell for 750 low, 950 high per wheel. When you put wheels up, they sell quickly.

They’re sitting a little under 300 right now on PC, It’s been about a 12-15 coin rise so far. It’s always interesting to see how far off the markets are between platforms.


Even though I don’t care much about fusing, I’ve started to enjoy these events just because of how lucrative they can be.
There are usually price surges on certain items and resources, so I always end up accumulating a lot of coin to turn into new toys.
And I really like those craftable epic crates they’ve started doing. It’s great that we can pick our reward, and that the items are tradeable on the market.


I like that too for repeat rewards. They should think about doing it for stickers, paints and decor too.

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Market is hurting rn. We def need this fusion event to give the market some life back.

I know what you mean, but there are also some bargains right now.
Good time to be a buyer, but selling sucks right now.

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