New weapon balance

Is it that the developers are too fearful of the new weapons being too powerful?

Which New Weapons ? The ,New" Weapons Change From Update To Update :rofl:

Such as the chainsaw

IDK Lot Of People Still Don’t Have It.

Yes, because this weapon should have been 2 energy, because the developers are too conservative, it is set to 3 energy

Maybe Because It’s Legendary ? :thinking:

If it is designed as a 3 energy melee weapon its damage should not be lower than the epic

This Will be Balanced For Sure. You Can’t Expect Perfect Balance After Adding It Fresh To The Game :joy:


The damage is less than Lacerators and/or maulers?

That doesn’t seem right, is this confirmed?
Or are you comparing it to four maulers, with their perks buffing each other’s damage? Even so, the legendary should do more damage.

10 points of damage lower than Aruba without perks,The damage after unfolding the blade is even lower than the green 2 energy one

Well that’s no good. I assume you mean mauler, and the name is just translated weird.
Nevertheless, I think I’ll get some, and hopefully they get buffed later.

Maybe when the blade extends the lower damage is compensated for by damaging more parts, effectively giving you twice as many saws?

We have to keep in mind that the stats they announce and those damage bars on the parameters screens mean nothing… something I found hard to believe at first.

It’s quite possible it does much more damage than they say it does. Or less… :man_shrugging:

It’ll take someone driving it into things in the test-drive area for us to know for sure.

This is confirmed. I’m not sure what this weapon has going for it, other than to fix the Mauler and Lacerator’s weird hitboxes. Lacerator has 400 durability and Charybdis only has 330 durability. What should be cool is that the perk of Mauler and Lacerator should work with Charybdis so that you can mix and match the three of them for an optimal saw build.

I think the weapon is beautifully animated but I think its low durability is dubious.

Being able to mix chainsaw perks is cool, and I didn’t realize that would work. Buy the stats still seem wrong.

But the new weapon is not a chainsaw? Right?

Hmnn, you’ve got a point there. Of course depending on how chainsaw is translated into Russian, maybe they do count it as a chainsaw?

Anyone unlock it yet and able to test?

its in exhibition.(pc)… :crazy_face:



But has anyone combined it with one of the chainsaws and uploaded that to the exhibition? Or is there some other way to find out if the chainsaw perks buff it?

I really hope that someday the devs put in a little pop up window that shows which items can buff a given item. The descriptions are often unclear.
I think someone here mentioned last week that adaptors are reload weapons, so they can buff hadron more than Kings do. I never would have guessed that.