New weapon idea

GAU-8, anyone?
Ya know, this thing:

I’m thinking it’s a legendary frontal machine gun/minigun with an armor piercing perk.
It should fit nicely between the helicopter nose parts (bottom) and under the nose parts.
Durability: 560 pts
Powerscore: 1600
Weight: 357 kgs
Ammo cap: yes, 360 default
Damage: 15
Recoil: lots (about as much as a reaper)
Accuracy: Reaper
Overheat: no
Effective range: maximum for machine guns
Catagory: minigun

(It’s pretty much a frontal Reaper.)

Name: Desolator (or just GAU-8…?)

What do you guys think?


Maybe a Relic Reaper that looks like this would be pretty cool. I wouldn’t want to play against it though.

If its going to have Reaperish stats and functions, why not just make it a CK?

Cool pic.

As long as it can be mounted upside down and on the side wouldn’t mind.

The hit box change and rotation would be an issue with it just being a CK.

it’s a frontal machine gun

Normally with the frontal mgs they make them a little more durable and increase the weight similarly the accuracy tends to be a little lower.

A good perk for it would be. “Damage increases as speed increases.” with it having its base damage until you hit 90 KPH and up, maxing out at 140 KPH (thrusters required). maybe a 75% damage increase at max speed.

A note, the Gau-8 fires nothing but explosive rounds… so an alt idea could be this.

type: legendary frontal MG
Energy cost: 7
ammo: 300
perk: doesn’t over heat
perk2: Shots while moving over 70 KPH are explosive but reduce move speed by 2 KPH per shot.

The entire archetype of the ‘minigun’ (infantile pop culture slang) class needs to be revised because the pop culture interpretation of rotary cannons is naive, even the devs are clueless. They arent sustained fire dps weapons, they are 1-2s burst damage monsters.

I’d rather see a rework of the Equalizer, Arbiter, Miller, and Reaper, they shouldn’t be sustained fire weapons. They should be the heaviest, slowest turning, least accurate, fastest overheating, highest energy MGs/AC’s with the highest burst damage. Their entire purpose is to dump as many rounds in the direction of the target in the shortest time period possible for hit probability. This is why they go Brrrt instead of dakka dakka.

Whirl, Tempest, Gungnir, and Nothung should be the only forever firing weapons in game since they are liquid cooled.

Highly disagree, as miniguns and rotory cannons are used both in short burst and sustained fire… except the one on the A10.

Hell the ones mounted to ships only fire in sustained until their target is ripped to shreds. and 2 of the heavy miniguns in this game are based off those.

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“Minigun” isn’t slang, it’s the actual name of the gun. It’s used to refer to the fact that it’s a miniature version of the Vulcan, a large rotary barrel cannon used on aircraft, similar to the GAU-8. Besides, most intended roles for any type of weapon in this game are completely ignored by the community and used for things they aren’t supposed to, the devs trying to force people to play the way THEY want doesn’t work.

The ones on ships dont fire that long and are only 20mm in caliber. Jump the caliber to 30mm and heat management is an even larger problem.

… OH lol, you know nothing about rotory canons. Ok take it form someone who has seen a few IRL. They are rapid air cooled.

That means the roation of their barrels heavily reduces heat build up.

Another thing both the reaper and miller are based on Intercept and AA weapons, these things fire and they keep firing. they are designed to fire in upto 2 minute bursts. And even then that limit is only because that is how much ammo they hold.

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Yeah, like the CWIS

What is alloyed into a barrel to make it heat resistant?

It’s not a heat resistance thing, just spinning them at the rate they do is enough to cool them off. They do replace the barrels every 20k or so rounds from the wear the continuous firing causes but they can fire till they run out of ammo.

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Will be good if they buy rules and use some weapons skins from game War robots that game is sh*t but have nice designs of weapons :slight_smile:

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The barrels of a 30mm rotory cannon overheat after 3 minutes of sustained fire. after 4 minutes they are glowing there for dead barrels, they explode after 4 and a half.

most CWIS and intercept ones fire in 10 second bursts not for heat control but for “we only have 10,000 rounds of ammo in this thing, and it goes through 6,000 a minute.”


Legendary Kapkan that squirts out a slick of :poop: for enemy dogs to slide on

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