New weapon ideas of lower/higher rarity weapons that are not yet in the game

So basically Ideas on pre-existing weapons, that do not yet have a higher/lower rarity version of itself. So basically legendary Arguments, epic Waltz and so on. And I am thinking these in the terms of the current energy consumption rather than the future energy change that is coming

Legendary nailgun - 5 energy
Basically works the same as an argument, but rather than the Arguments perk, it does a double shot as a perk. Basically how Arguments worked during the experimental double shot brawl. Higher energy consumption, higher mass, higher hp

Epic Waltz - 5 energy
It’s a slow rate firing missile minigun that shoots little rockets that fly in a straight trajectory. Takes 3 seconds to spin up the barrel, and the fire rate would be something like rocket, 2 second of no rocker, another rocket, another 2 seconds of no rocket, another rocket, another 2s and so on so it fires slowly. No increase in damage or impulse like on the legendary waltz, the perk pretty much is that once the gun has been spun up it can just keep firing until you run out of ammo. Does not use cooling or heating, but the damage is not very good. Even for an explosive weapon. Then again that’s all explosive weapons mostly in this game

Legendary yongwang - 10 energy
Pretty much the same as a regular yongwang with stats adjusted to be a leg an dairy, but instead of firing a salvo and being a reload weapon, it uses the heating/cooling mechanics with ammo and can keep firing as long as you want/can. Of course at the cost of firing out each singular grenade at a much slower rate than the normal yongwang does the burst of 5. But it also gets less % bonus per energy spend on hardware than the yongwang, to balance it out

Legendary Yokai - 7 energy
Stats booster to make it a legendary, and has the normal perk, but with an added “If the projectile hits a movement part, no explosion occurs but it deals slightly increased damage to the movement part”

So basically now if you accidentally, or purposely, shoot directly at a movement part rather than getting that sweet undershot, no explosion happens but you deal ok damage to the movement part itself rather than the shot being completely wasted

Share any ideas you guys might have for new lower/higher tear parts

I want a legendary Cricket, a fixed angle legendary indirect fire rocket rather than the burst rotating ones


Legendary Tempura - 5 energy

Basically a huge tempura with a slower reload at the cost of a bigger tempura in general. Something harvester sized, like a 2X9 pins slab with 4 tempuras in the middle, some space in between. O is non-tempura surface, X is tempura surface. Does not penetrate as deep as a normal tempura, at the cost of a wider area. I think tempura penetrates 5 pins deep, so this legendary would only penetrate 3 pins deep


That kind of a part

Epic tempura, 2 energy
The epic version could go the opposite direction, only being 1 pin in damage effect wideness rather than 2, but penetrating 6 pins deep. But you could have more of these in a build, but it also does not recharge as fast as the normal tempura. But still faster than the legendary version.

The legendary would be less depth, more hp and wider area, while the epic would be more depth, less hp and less area