New weapons based on casings

Since the advent of the M38 and M39, this casings has been of no other use.

Casing just need removed.

Adventure mood is Meh at best.

honestly i dont think they need to be removed, just repurposed and be tradable. i wish i could sell mine and make a little profit off them to use the money for something else.


I do agree with this. Some people still like PvE.

Casings at least can be used for engineer bench.
Anyone wants to remember coupons, now that we cant even use them for drivers?

they can be used for temporary legendary boxes but who uses those?

coupons are bieng traded, so unless the whole trade volume is daily trade challenge, some people use them?

i mostly just sell 10 of mine for the daily and thats it. i get lots from raids either way. we do need more uses for coupons as well… hmm…

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