New weapons ideas?

Hydra Gatling - electro magnetic gatling, shooting effect like has R37-39 adapter. Big like miller and same energy consumption.

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Spider drones with 2x aurora laser.
spider ech

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Yea please.

Relic Spider Drones.

Go back 2 star citizen with these ideas.

I want a weapon that keeps my 8k build from having to fight someone with fused relics.

Midas cannon

Costs 300$, not market tradable. Hitscan long range weapon that instantly turns a part it hits into solid gold, effectively destroying it while also doubling its weight.

Inspired by the glorious Acari

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I can see them adding more Damage Over Time items. I would also like to see some strong AOE weapons that fire from the center of the car and damage in a circle around the car.