New Wheels Teased in Comic?

In their “stories,” the little online comic they’re releasing, one of the trucks has these huge wheels that look like spikey balls. They’re probably a new omni-directional wheel. Anyone else notice these? While I think they’d be cool and all, I also think they’ll just make the ML200s more obsolete than they already are. I get the feeling with each new update, the devs are running out of ideas for new parts. They’ll be interesting either way. With those spikes, I imagine they’ll do damage.

New Wheels


My guess would be the omniball-wheel that’s been talked in various forms on the old and new forum, basically a hover but on ground


looks like it could be a new Legend wheel,based on the yellow color…better than omni where u had to stop and move sideways :crazy_face: hope it has more speed…say like 120km…idk :rofl:


Wold be a nice 1 but hard to build with

I’ve been suggesting wheels like this as a replacement for hovers for years now. Spherical maglev wheels was what I called them. I guess either somebody thinks the same way I do or they saw my suggestion. These should have been added in place of hovers. Instead we have autoflipping hovers that strafe left and right faster than the human nervous system.

Very cool :slight_smile: