New Win System

8 player each team it’s ok.

I suggest to make winners top 4 players for always with same start position. Not like brawls.

Top 4 player is winner in the team A and top 4 player is winner in the team B.

Some players leaves start of the match or some times I lose games constantly after big effort.

What do you think about it guys?

Under the current scoring system, no way. To illustrate, I recently solo stripped 2 heathers, 2 cannons, and did most of the damage on 3 additional weapons that I stripped. I finished with 400 points. That is absurd. Meanwhile, someone prob followed behind me and killed 2 weapon-less enemies and finished with 1k+

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I kinda’ like the idea, but not with the way the game currently works.

Piggy-backing Claysdad’s point, if the PS of your build is lowest, you should - in theory - score the least amount of points. If you have the lowest PS, but are 5th in points, it could be argued you probably performed better than most of the players on your team - if not all of them.

I am not for rewarding the top players on the losing team different than the lower ones. That is what the score is for.

I don’t believe in trophies for everyone.

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Even if your idea is good, targem does not listen to its players.
the fact that i have to edit this post because it got censored because i spoke about them in a not worshipping way speaks volumes.
so press the flush toilet button and move on.