New Year

You should be mounting the launch tubes to a heavier larger anchor board. This lets you set them up in rows and patterns. Then grab a 12v battery, some estes igniters, some more normal wire, and you can sit back on the porch and launch them remotely.

I’m not convinced by either side…

On one hand, the respect of tradition. Lots of traditions are stupid af, and blasting the sky with explosives to ward off evil spirits is up there on the list. Literally the only persons gaining anything from this “tradition” are the companies who sell fireworks… a recurring theme in our capitalist “traditions”, which sadly mostly revolve around buying sh!t we don’t need (it’s by design guys). Buy flowers, buy chocolates, buy candies, buy gifts, buy fireworks. Buy, buy, buy, it’s the tradition!

On the other hand, the well-being of domestic animals that are the modern equivalent of comfort slaves. No purpose or reason besides the owner’s need to get a companion. Big sheperd dogs in tiny flats ; cats that are so fat from processed food you can barely make out their legs, decimating wild birds and animals everywhere. And still more sh!t to buy. Animal food shelves that are bigger than the hygiene shelves in supermarkets, brushes, clothes, massages, shrinks for animals. While we beg our leaders to drown migrants in the mediterranean sea.

Closing thought on the subject: Fireworks are getting on the neighbour’s dog’s nerves 1 day out of 365. Lots of domestic dogs get on the neighbours’ nerves 24/7.

LOL at all these softies that hate fireworks and are scared of them. I have a huge show in my backyard every year safely and its quite a display, one of my dogs chases fireworks, the other sits in the basement doped up with his favorite tv show blaring. There are indeed people with ZERO common sense that get hurt with them ( of course common sense is a super power most people dont have it) and theres also not sober people that get hurt, but, There was never this many people getting hurt until this world starting reproducing too many people with zero common sense fireworks is not the problem.

There was definelty that many people being hurt before, but due to lack of internet and communication you just didn’t hear about it


Don’t need but they have.

the fireworks near my house it’s better and louder than the city’s new year fireworks.
It happens near my kitchen window and for two years now has more stamina than the proper one.
My dog goes full den drive mode.
From my house you can oversee a big Park, You can hear Rock in Rio when it happens, and fire of small firearms and automatic fire ( SGs, MGs, rifles, 9 mm ).
Every fucking new year eve.
It’s that time of the year where full den drive it’s what we celebrate.

America has fewer restrictions on fireworks than Canada does, so when I was a kid the rich kids would always bring back lots of them from their trips down south.
We did a lot of dumb stuff with them, like emptying out all the powder from a bunch and combining it to make bigger bombs. In retrospect, I’m surprised we made it to adulthood with all our fingers.

I once had to call the fire department after teens set off a bunch of fireworks in the alley behind my apartment and set the building next to us on fire. There’s just too many buildings in cities for them to not cause problems. And now the summers are so dry that out in the country isn’t great either, because of the forest fires that are getting way out of control.

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The grunt is to restore barometric pressure. Duh.

So many lives ruined by a stupid tradition.

There is a country with a government who has a habit of discouraging/prohibiting cultural traditions in an attempt to make the population “conform” to their dictates. Check it out.

In the meantime, I assume you have no use for swimming pools either. Many kids die each year from drowning accidents. It’s senseless. Maybe they should sit in front of a fan to cool down, and do yoga instead. Oh wait, that wastes electricity. Just do the yoga.


Thanks, Snit. This thread was fracturing my paradigm.

I was having trouble recalibrating, and starting to panic.

This person still going on about boom boom bad, ban boom boom! :rofl:
Just walking around kills people roughly 8000 pedestrians were killed in 2021 in the USA alone from just walking around, shall we ban walking around, and everyone stay inside cause the ying-yang is out of touch and it’s ying-ying yang-yang now

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any thunderstorm makes most pets run for cover and dogs love to howl at firetruck sirens…yippee :crazy_face:
'and just stop rushing in to the enemy and start taking cover so we all dont die…>just keepin it in crossout topic lol :kissing_heart:

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I feel like the concept of relative risk is escaping some people.
Yes, everything has some risk. And activities that everyone does will have a relatively large number of bad outcomes, even if the risk is low. While less popular activities may have low overall numbers of negative consequences, but the likelihood of those happening are comparatively high.

If you think walking is comparably risky to playing with fireworks, then you really need a math refresher.

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We think it’s because his previous owner was often taken away in emergency vehicles before he passed, so the dog is traumatized by any ambulance/police sounds.