New Year

I wish you all heavy rainfall and hurricane winds on december 31st,
People who dont have pets dont realize how terrifying december is for them every year. :fireworks::scream_cat: :sparkler:


Its unfortunate not all of our furry friends like fireworks but, fireworks are still pretty cool :smiley:

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I wish you a Bah Humbug this December and lots of :fireworks: :sparkler: :fireworks: :sparkler: :fireworks:

Its true about pets crapping themselves when people start igniting all types of fireworks on new years. My dads dogs keep barking all night and some hide in randome places for a whole day. lmao! but it happens

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I try to turn the TV up loud so the dog can’t hear but it’s always useless lol

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The world would be a better place with 95% less fireworks AND domestic cats/dogs

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My dog is ok with fireworks, but any beeping, buzzing, or whistle sound sends him into a panic.
We think it’s because his previous owner was often taken away in emergency vehicles before he passed, so the dog is traumatized by any ambulance/police sounds.


Yes! my cats go crazy! :scream_cat:
What is the point of all these fireworks?
So many people get hurt every year and so many animals get a horror show.

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It’s a way to celebrate something and a tradition

That’s because idiots who don’t know how to handle fireworks or are not mature enough to use them

I don’t like when random people pop off fireworks in their backyards, balconies, or random parks, I’m fine with organized fireworks done by people who don’t grunt when they fart out of feeling accomplished. Like when cities/townships or professionals do it, least then you get a heads out unlike when Jimmy Joe Bob and sally wanker-fritz do it out of the blue

Time and a place for things, though some people just want to get rid of things completely cuz everyone needs to be miserable like them


Its cute that you conform to the norm with a scheduled “drive away evil spirits with fireworks” day every year, something that was invented 14 centuries ago.
But nowadays it just seems silly to me to act like cavemen throwing fire and loud bangs attempting to scare our imaginary boogeymen.

A better way to celebrate the past year would be a day of silence and reflection, looking inward and making plans for the next year.
Instead of blowing off many fingers every year by kids who think that its ok this day and fireworks is cool and the bigger the bang the bigger the laugh, until it goes wrong.

Not to mention the stress it puts on animals.
The Original poster was right, december really is a horror month for pets and their owners, i have one cat here who keeps licking and biting himself bald every year because of the non stop banging outside.
And my aunt has to go on vacation for a month with her 2 tiny dogs in a place far away from all the fireworks so they dont get a heart attack.

But sure, go ahead and light up those fireworks that you paid for if you want, a few seconds of awe and shock, or a few weeks of food for someone if you sent that money to charity.

Why do we light fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

Fireworks (aka firecrackers) were invented in China in the seventh century. Historically, many cultures thought fireworks could scare off evil spirits.

According to Chinese legend, a monster called the Nian would kill villagers and destroy their homes every Chinese New Year. One year, the villagers decided it would be a good idea to leave their homes and hide from the beast. An elderly man told the fleeing villagers that he was going to stay home and get revenge against the Nian by setting out red paper and lighting fireworks. The villagers thought he was a nutty old man, but he did it anyway.

The next day, the villagers returned and saw that nothing was destroyed. They assumed the old man was a deity sent to teach them how to remain safe from the Nian and that the Nian must be afraid of loud noises and the color red. From then on, villagers wore red, hung red lanterns, and made loud noises (often with fireworks) on New Year’s Eve and the Nian never returned.

The Nian

This is the Nian in a Chinese New Year’s parade.

The legend goes on to say that the Nian was eventually captured by Hongjun Laozu, an ancient Taoist priest.

There are variations to this legend, but you get the idea.

Today, lighting fireworks on New Year’s Eve is a common custom in many countries. How it spread from China to other countries isn’t clear, but I would assume people visiting China enjoyed the fireworks display they saw and brought the idea home with them.

  1. The Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball was first dropped in 1907 after fireworks were banned.
  2. 2,000 pounds of confetti are dropped onto the crowd in Times Square (New York) at midnight.
  3. January is named after Janus, the god with two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward. He is the god of beginnings, transitions, doors, gates, and endings.
  4. Julius Caesar created a calendar with January 1st as the first month and day of the year partially to honor Janus.
  5. People in Italy traditionally wear red underwear on New Year’s Day to bring good luck.
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I love fireworks and always will. Sorry if pet owners have problems, but you know what? It’s damned stupid to live your life to conform to an animal’s sensitivities, AND expect other people to bow down to your pet as well. And I’m saying that as one who grew up with pets.

“A better way to celebrate the past year would be a day of silence and reflection, looking inward and making plans for the next year.” The people who are inconvenienced by something, whether in fact or in perception, always advise others about “better ways”. That’s fine and if it works for you, all well and good. On the other hand, other people enjoy following traditions, such as fireworks celebrations on certain holidays. Many people do both; celebration and reflection. The world should not be forced to give up traditions to avoid offending fluffy-the-cat’s ears.

As a practical suggestion, veterinarians can provide your pet with sedatives for the day. Two of my relatives are dog owners and told me it’s easy and effective.

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Why not just restrict fireworks to the big displays run safely by professionals?
Those displays are rarely near housing, so they don’t typically traumatize pets, and they’re also not likely to cause horrible injuries.
I don’t think the average civilian needs access to explosives.


Poony, define “explosives”. I define that as professional-grade stuff. The kids on the block shooting off bottle rockets, firecrackers, roman candles, various fountains, and sparklers doesn’t bother me or make me feel threatened. Big displays run by professionals are wonderful to watch, but it’s not YOUR celebration, it’s THEIR celebration; that why people prefer their own backyard displays…they’re doing the celebrating, not watching someone else celebrate.

Every year lots of people end up injured from consumer fireworks, so they definitely do count as explosives.
And one of the reasons so many people are injured by fireworks is that many people think like you do, and don’t take them seriously.

Anyway, consumer level fireworks are boring, so why not focus on the big displays that are actually fun?

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Hmmm, an engaging question… Well, let’s say you like baseball. Is it more fun to play it yourself with your friends, or watch overpaid millionaires play it? Let’s say you like to ride a bicycle…is it more fun to watch the Tour d’ France or cruise the neighborhood on your own bike? Do you like to go fishing? Is it more fun watching dudes with bass boats paid for by sponsors cruise a lake, or more fun to actually fish yourself?

Safety is a measure of relative risk, and one’s tolerance for that risk. Yep, you can hurt yourself playing baseball, riding a bike, or fishing. It sure is “safer” watching other people do the things you like, but is it more fun than doing it yourself?

Steve Irwin liked to play with dangerous things too.

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That’s actually pretty simple to explain.

Activities like baseball are unlikely to maim people who aren’t involved in it, so we allow it in public spaces. Activities like drag racing are more likely to hurt bystanders, so we only allow it in more controlled settings like race tracks.
Fireworks are simply more dangerous to more people than the things you listed, which is why most places have restrictions on them.

There is some degree of risk in anything, but some things have a higher level of risk, and/or worse consequences if things go wrong.

Now some people believe there should be no restrictions on any activities, but the only examples we have of such libertarian societies are not places where anyone but the super rich want to live.

The consumer level reloadable mortars are fun but also one of the more dangerous ones to use, especially if the user is clueless. Most people just don’t know what to buy and how to set them up well. They’re expensive too.

yes and also we all have a good buzz on.but them little 4 packs you need to stabilize with some bricks or rocks…because after the first shot it tips over and the neighbors dont like that in their yard… :kissing_heart:

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People who use their pets as an excuse to try to cancel something are just using their pets to cover the fact they tend to be miserable and want others to be
I’ve seen cases where a housing development was built near airports and the idiots who bought the houses fully knowing an airport was there first complained the airport was too loud the planes rattle their windows and the airport should move…

I grew up with pets too not just cats and dogs, and all I did was close all the windows and curtains and preoccupy the animals who were skittish, me and my family never preached that the world should cater to us instead of us working within the world

Great solution but miserable people don’t want solutions that help everyone but solutions to make others feel miserable as well

That’s exactly what I said and also included the fact when fireworks shows are done professionally they warn/tell people when and where it’s gonna be, but some people just want to make stuff they don’t like to go away, I’ve seen it with air shows, car shows, people buying homes built next to an airport after the airport has been there for years, etc

Really how in poor taste you have to be to bring up a guy’s death and use it as a strawman tool in a discussion nothing to do about said guy just because you don’t know how to properly care for your animals and blame others for it!