New Zero Energy Cabin - A10 Warthog

I have a new cabin idea.

It would be an A10 Warthog with an integrated 30MM Gun. The gun can’t be shot off and requires ammo like the Reaper. It would have a similar perk to the Reaper, meaning no cool down.

Cabin would be similar to the Cerberus in design with the integrated gun, with a fixed firing angle like a Goblin.

The kicker is, it would be a zero energy cabin. Meaning, if you wanted to add any additional modules, you’ll need to add a generator.

*Edit - The projectile should be the same as the Reaper, same exact damage. But the gun should fire twice as fast as a single Reaper, giving it roughly the same DPS.


Interesting idea

I like this idea, also once suggested something similar in the parts ideas in ye olde forum but instead of 0 energy it was a heavy cabin with a build-in 0 energy machinegun with very minimal damage mostly meant for taking enemies out of cloak and maybe killing drones, but this kind of a spin on a cab with a build-in gun sounds more interesting and functional

I like it but i dont like the energy part, But it depends on how much damage the guns do. If its really high damage then cool.
Medium damage with that limited aiming. It need energy because you just get wrecked from behind or sides.

A cabin with a built in ranged weapon is something I’ve pondered myself, but at 0 energy, that’ll be too far too weak. Nova and Cerb give up no energy for their integrated weapon/module effect. Also with the current example, a fixed, very limited angle gun will be very hard to aim remotely well, and easily countered by the other team, and hell, easily sabotaged by your own teammates pushing and ramming you about like the senseless clods most random teams are.

I do like the concept, I just think it needs a reconsideration of balance. No power, requires ammo, fixed angle… Too many cons, compared to other cabs that give up very little other than needing clear lines of sight in-front of themselves in the build.

I’m into this idea, and I think a cannon version would be interesting too.
Would the gun have its own HP, or would it share its durability with the cabin?

so, you would have a build with 1 maybe 2 weapons without modules or with 1 module.
clearly not enough.
Depending of the PS of such build.
It would be good only to sealclubbing.
your concept needs some work.

would this cabin be light, medium or heavy and what rarity would it be?

If they did make a 0 energy cabin I’m sure they would make it under powered.

Not being able to be stripped is a major advantage.

Your damage output would be reduced highly because of it.